‘My Mom’s Letter from Heaven’ next family project for Barry Watson

Barry Watson stresses while it might look like the only acting projects he's attracted to have to do with family, he has done a variety of roles over the years. It's just that the decade he spent on the family-oriented "7th Heaven" along with the series "Date My Dad" plus heartfelt films like "My Future Boyfriend," "An Hour Behind" and "Far From Home" are the projects that most people associate with him.


Game tip: How to tune and customize your car in ‘Forza Street’

Knowing how to tune and customize your car is key to making your ride stand out from others in "Forza Street." As you progress through the various events, you'll need to know how to use the Tuning Kits to improve your vehicle's PI. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about vehicle tuning and customization in "Forza Street."

Home & Garden

On Gardening: English dogwood the ultimate spring extender

This time of the year as our native dogwoods and azaleas have completed their glorious spring display, something magical happens. At least it does in those old cottage gardens, seen in small towns and hamlets found on America's backroads. Today's young gardeners will see, and utter ... is that a dogwood, where is that fragrance coming from.


Ana Veciana-Suarez: Technology has made us trade our privacy for convenience

For a while now The Hubby and I have been debating the purchase of a voice-activated smart speaker, not because we need it but because so many people we know have one. Whether it's the Amazon Echo or the Google Home or the Apple HomePod, these devices allow users to feel like a star in an episode of "The Jetsons" or "Futurama." I, for one, don't want to miss out on what is certainly the future of home living.


Gwendoline Christie wears a dress that deserves its own starring role

Can you tell where the flames on the background poster stop and the dress begins? No, and that's just part of the joy of this gloriously floaty Iris van Herpen couture gown, worn by Gwendoline Christie to the "Game of Thrones" New York City gala premiere this month. This is just one of a series of photos of Christie posing dramatically as the dress whirls around her, its billowing sleeves and flowing skirt seeming to speak to her in conversation. What fun it must be for an actor to wear a dress that deserves its own starring role.


Living with Children: Addiction to videogames

Julie Jargon is a reporter with the Wall Street Journal. Heretofore, she has written about food companies like Starbucks and McDonalds. As of April 2, however, Ms. Jargon is writing a WSJ column titled "Family and Tech," described as dealing with "the impact of technology on family life."

Watch wiener dogs run for a trophy at the Cherry Blossom Festival

People gathered around Cherry Street Saturday, March 23, for the Cherry Blossom Festival's first Wiener Dog Race. Around 50 dachshunds competed.