Remember this Halloween with photo props

The best things about Halloween are candy, costumes and practical jokes (you know, the “trick” in trick-or-treat). Honestly, the only thing scary about Halloween is the potential weight gain from all the candy consumption. That’s if you don’t count the rubber snakes hidden in my bed covers or the plastic spiders lodged in the bottom of my milk glass. Turns out my family is unusually fond of Halloween tricks, so I have a real need to make a big deal out of Halloween.

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Spirits materialize in historic Riverside Cemetery

Ghost lovers, Halloween enthusiasts, history buffs and anyone who wants to take an evening walking tour of historic Riverside Cemetery is invited to join various Macon residents — living and otherwise — for a unique look at one of Georgia’s most notable cemeteries.

Out & About

Mingle with musicians and artists at annual block party

A small group of jazz lovers created the Jazz Association of Macon in 1986. Little did they expect that their passion would translate into a legacy of concerts, shared music appreciation and scholarships. For the 13th year, the Jazz Association shares its passion for the arts with the community at its annual Jazz and Arts on Riverdale festival, happening Saturday.

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10 restaurants we wish we had back in Warner Robins

The city of Warner Robins has grown over the years and added many great restaurants. Despite the growth and numerous choices, there are restaurants that we miss having around. Here is a list of 10 places we are longing to taste again: Shakey’s Pizza, PoFolks, Pomo’s, Maryland Fried Chicken, Taco Grande, 20th Century Cafeteria, Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant, Tasty Freeze, The Shipwreck, Quincy’s Family Steakhouse.

Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (10/16/16)

Dear God, thank you for your consistency. Thank you for your many good gifts. Please help me recognize and value each one. I pray for the opportunity to share the messages of your consistency and your goodness with others who need to hear of these gifts that only come from you. Consecrate me in your holiness so that I may become who you called me to be in every sense. Help me to eat of your spiritual bread today, and to align my will with your will. Amen.

Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (10/23/16)

Dear Lord God, may I never be ashamed or afraid to praise your holy name in a song or in voice. Protect and shield me from harm. Deliver me from evil and allow me to discover the treasure that is within your word. Thank you for my life today. Touch all of those who are on death row, if they don't know you, please let them do so. Let them know that you, Lord, have the say-so of their destiny. Only you, dear Lord. To you be the glory.

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Have faith in your partner in parenting

Parenting challenges the best of couples. We’ll talk about the difficulties and opportunities for building your relationship. But first, a nod to those of you doing the work of two as one — I can hardly imagine the work of a single parent. Cheers to each of you!

Living Columns & Blogs

Potpourri of toasts and tastes at Hay House

Co-chairs for the annual Toast and Taste at Hay House on Oct. 13, Scott Mitchell and Judy Hodgens, added a new twist this year to the anticipated fall gala. Guests are accustomed to the food vendors under the tents on the front lawn, and welcome the many Georgia vintners and distillers that introduce the latest spirits to the avid crowd.


The secrets to making a good apple pie

Lexington cookbook author Barbara Harper Bach shares her tips and secrets for making good apple pies.
Janet Patton The Lexington Herald-Leader
The secrets to making a good apple pie 1:47

The secrets to making a good apple pie

Huge monarch butterfly floats through air 0:27

Huge monarch butterfly floats through air

Do your part to stop the spread of flu at home 2:24

Do your part to stop the spread of flu at home

Pit builder William Chaney describes what makes a good barbecue pit 0:57

Pit builder William Chaney describes what makes a good barbecue pit