Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (5/28/17)

Father God, we come in your holy name once again to say thank you for all of your powerful miraculous blessings upon all of our families all over this land and country. We are asking for mercy and grace to continue to bless all college students, homeless, elders, widows, doctors, singles, married, bereaved families all over the world and people in high places making decisions for all of your people with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Lord, have mercy upon all of us. We need you everyday. Thank you Jesus.

Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (5/27/17)

Heavenly Father, I’m so grateful you allowed me to see another day. Thank you this morning for my life, health and strength. I’m able to see and move only because you allowed me to do so. My Heavenly Father, you’ve been real good to me, and I will never forget that. So many things could have gone wrong, but you given me another chance. Thank you for my second chance. Amen.

Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (5/26/17)

Dear Lord, in times of grief, suffering or trial, give us an added sense of your presence. Help us to grow stronger in these times and not weaker. Help us to increase in faith and not to be overcome with doubt. Help us to have hope in the midst of it and not surrender to hopelessness. Help us to stand strong in your truth and not be swept away by our emotions. Please gather our emotions and penetrate our hearts. Thank you for changing our lives and giving us new strength. Amen.

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Movie review: Talented cast can't save tired 'Pirates of Caribbean' franchise

Parents need to know that "Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"?is the fifth?Pirates?film?starring?Johnny Depp?as Captain?Jack Sparrow. It focuses on a mission Sparrow?shares with Henry Turner – the only son of earlier franchise stars William Turner and Elizabeth Swann, neither of whom appears much in the film. This time around, an older, drunker (he downs a?lot?of rum) Sparrow faces yet another great enemy: the ghost of a pirate-killing Spanish captain, Salazar.


Family Meals Matter: Raise a glass of milk

June 1 is World Milk Day. Join us as we raise a glass of milk and toast hard working dairy farm families and milk processors across the country. We salute the men and women who make sure milk stays healthy, safe and wholesome, often taking just two days to travel from the farm to local retailers.


Social Security: Honoring our heroes on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we honor the soldiers and service members who have given their lives for our nation. Social Security respects the heroism and courage of our military service members, and we remember those who have given their lives in defense of freedom. Part of how we honor service members is the way we provide Social Security benefits.


Make your baby's first bites more than just a sweet milestone

Starting solids used to be a predictable rite of passage. The conventional wisdom was to begin with bland white-rice cereal thinned to a milky texture. Then you move on to single-ingredient purees offered in a specific order: vegetables first so your baby wouldn't develop a sweet tooth, followed by fruits, then meat. All this while avoiding allergens and scouting for possible reactions, and steering clear of any sort of seasoning. No wonder kids became picky eaters.


10 media inspired ways to celebrate Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, the United States honors the men and women who have died while serving in the armed forces. These movies, TV shows, and books illustrate the courage and patriotism of those fallen soldiers. Whether you're looking for a way to honor a loved one lost to military service or simply want to learn more about American history, these picks offer exciting, educational and moving depictions of those who have served in the United States military.


How comics turned my kid into a bookworm

When I was a kid my dad read to me every night. By age 5, I was traveling nightly through the worlds of "The Hobbit" or "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." Even afternoon naps would start with a bit of poetry.


It's time to start your summer screen time rules

For some kids, summer means getting on the computer and not getting off until September. And even though a lot of parents relax their screen limits over the break, allowing a full-on hibernation is just not going to happen. And it shouldn't. Kids need to get outside, of course. But they also need to stretch themselves in ways that they can't during the school year – and that no app, game, or streaming TV show, no matter how educational and meaningful, can give them.


App review: Tales Untold: Well-crated audio stories will entertain families on the road

Parents need to know that Tales Untold is a collection of original audio stories geared toward a preschool and early elementary school audience. With great music and catchy theme songs, these five- to 15-minute tales include both fiction and nonfiction and are designed specifically for kids and adults to listen to together. The first episode of each series is available for free preview, and content is available for purchase as individual episodes or by the season. For those without an Apple device, all seasons of the tales are available for text download on Kindle, and many of the episodes are available as audiobooks on Amazon, iTunes and Audible. Read the app's privacy policy to find out about the information collected and shared.


Prayer gathering to tackle human trafficking

Peach County’s Christine Watson is leader of a team of Middle Georgians involved with IJM who are planning a May 20 prayer gathering focusing on ending global slavery and the rescue of those enslaved through human trafficking.
Special to The Telegraph
Prayer gathering to tackle human trafficking 0:57

Prayer gathering to tackle human trafficking

Swords slash as Mercer theater students clash 1:44

Swords slash as Mercer theater students clash

Church sign goes viral 4:41

Church sign goes viral

Special collections archive holds Mercer's Baptist identity 1:10

Special collections archive holds Mercer's Baptist identity