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Guide to exploring art galleries in Macon

In 1967, the Middle Georgia Arts Association met at Hay House to promote and exhibit the works of member artists. The association, the only one of its kind at the time, quickly outgrew its first home and is now located in Ingleside Village where the gallery features paintings, pottery, photography and carved wood objects in its monthly exhibitions.

Home & Garden

Art Deco and the modernist movement in America

In the last half of the 1920s, what became known as the Art Deco style invaded coastal California and southern Florida, where there was a concentration of wealthy homeowners with lavish lifestyles that reflected the influence of the new film industry. Eschewing the embellishments of the previous beaux arts period, architects were designing houses with sleek exteriors and were incorporating synthetic materials into the specifications for windows, doors and exposed surfaces.

Home & Garden

The firefly’s fortunes rest with us

When the sun falls below the horizon, a skinny beetle named Photinus pyralis wakes up and takes to the air. We know it as the firefly, or lightning bug, an insect that transforms the sultry summer evening into a veil laced with sequins.

Food & Drink

Blended Burger Project will help you make a better burger

The good people at the James Beard Foundation embarked upon the Blended Burger Project last year, enlisting hundreds of chefs nationwide to create burgers replacing 25 percent or more of the meat blend with mushrooms. Now, in year two, 347 restaurants are participating nationwide, including Macon’s own the Rookery.

Food & Drink

Fast breakfasts can leave room for some style

As the first meal we usually eat, a good breakfast can set the tone for the rest of your day. It still doesn’t have to take much time. We dug around through international flavors, simple but good ingredients and a few very easy techniques to come up with seven things that will launch your day with a little style.

Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (7/24/16)

God of all mankind and every living thing, keep our feet on your path and our eyes on your goal so that we may love one another as you love us. Lord, help me to always remember that the fruits of my labor belong to you and have been accomplished only through you. Open my eyes and my heart to all that I do so that my deeds will be worthy of your holiness. To God be the glory.

Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (7/17/16)

Father, it is so refreshing to worship you each day as we see the many beauties of this Earth. Being in your presence is breathtaking, and warms our soul. When we sin, You are always ready to forgive us. Hallowed be thy name. Amen.

Mark Ballard

Fitting together life’s puzzle pieces

As a young boy, I remember our family putting together puzzles from time to time. Their subject matter and complexity depended on my sister’s and my age at the time they were purchased. I can’t recall any of their images in particular, but I do remember sitting at a table with my family trying to make the puzzle come together one piece at a time.


Churches strive to be good neighbors

Middle Georgia churches are making sure the words of Mark 12:31 and Matthew 22:36 are carried out literally in their communities. The famous Bible verses read, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” and houses of worship have made a habit of reaching out to their neighborhoods to show the love.


Ice cream in a bag

An easy recipe for making ice cream in a bag.
Kathleen Purvis The Charlotte Observer
Ice cream in a bag 1:43

Ice cream in a bag

Chef Teddi bakes up 'Peachy Grilled Chicken' 2:54

Chef Teddi bakes up 'Peachy Grilled Chicken'

Macon chef: Hugh Acheson, Canadian-born chef, loves Georgia food and culture 0:29

Macon chef: Hugh Acheson, Canadian-born chef, loves Georgia food and culture

How to make tamale casserole 3:39

How to make tamale casserole