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Drama, music and art prepare to take the stage this fall

Auditions for “The Nutcracker” are coming up in September, music offerings abound in Middle Georgia and Macon theaters open their 2017-18 seasons.


Pet of the week: Yuki

Pets don’t get much more cuddly that Yuki, a small but full grown girl available for adoption at Critical Care for Animal Angels.


Going whole hog at the virtual beach

Isaac, aka Harold Goodridge, served margaritas from the “Love Boat” bar, joining 16 other Arts Roundtable organizations represented with thirst-quenching libations and colorful themes at the Beach Ball, Macon Arts Alliance’s annual Taste of the Arts fundraiser, on Saturday, August 12.

Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (8/17/17)

Heavenly Father, I come to you now because I struggle with bitterness in my life and I know this is not your will for me. I do not ever want to grieve the Holy Spirit through my bitterness, wrath, malice and evil speaking. I want to be kind to others, tenderhearted and forgiving. I ask for your grace to help me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


Meet the high school dropout who started an education company

As a high school student in McKinney, Gautam (pronounced like Goth-am) Bhargava, now 20 years old, found himself dissatisfied and unmotivated at school. When he turned age 18, he dropped out of school to start an education startup. The company, Peeyr, provides tutoring to students across subject areas and grade levels, from elementary school to college. Its tutors are high school and college students.


Game tips: 'Splatoon 2': How to upgrade all weapons

Nintendo Switch players making their way through "Splatoon 2's" single player campaign will eventually stumble across a series of alternate Hero weapons that serve as stand-ins for the game's traditional arsenal. Through persistence, players can eventually unlock these Hero weapons for use in the game's multiplayer mode as well as increase their stats in single-player mode through various upgrades. Keep reading to learn all of the items needed to upgrade damage, range, and other Hero weapon statistics in "Splatoon 2."


Fun family-friendly ways to share the eclipse

On Aug. 21, families in the United States can view a solar eclipse – either total or partial – in most of the country. This event is a chance for you to explore the science of eclipses, astronomy, and physics. Don't miss the opportunity to see it! Folks in the United States won't get another look until 2024.


Biscuits and gravy with Chef Teddi

Chef Teddi Wolford makes biscuits and sausage gravy.
Jason Vorhees The Telegraph
Biscuits and gravy with Chef Teddi 0:57

Biscuits and gravy with Chef Teddi

Prayer gathering to tackle human trafficking 0:57

Prayer gathering to tackle human trafficking

Swords slash as Mercer theater students clash 1:44

Swords slash as Mercer theater students clash

Church sign goes viral 4:41

Church sign goes viral