More programs for young people will reduce violence in Macon, community members say

Concerned members of the community gathered Saturday in an effort to help stop violence in Macon.

Folks at Macon-Peace: Victory over Violence, held at the Buck Melton Community Center, said stopping crime and bloodshed starts with education.

“I feel like people need to know where to go, how to get information, why not to do it, why not to be violent,” said Ebony Bundrige, a mother of four children. “Kids need other outlets and different places to go.”

Barbara Oglepree, who works with special needs students in the Bibb County school system, said it’s important for parents to interact with their children. She said more programs in the community will help kids stay out of trouble.

Darrell Humphrey said that when moving to Macon from Los Angeles, he didn’t expect the amount of killings that happen.

“Since I’ve lived here, I’ve had a lot of close friends pass away from violence,” he said. “Just recently, I lost a young man I was real close to. Malik Fuller was murdered in a hotel very recently. It’s just a loss of respect for life, and it needs to be addressed.”

Gloria King, a volunteer with Unity-N-Community, said it’s important for adults to look out for the welfare of young people.

“Maybe this event will show them that we are concerned about them and we do want to stop the violence in our area,” she said. “We need to develop something so that the kids can have somewhere they can go after hours and on Saturday.”

The event was spearheaded by Al Tillman, founder of Unity-N-Community Inc. and a Macon-Bibb County commissioner.

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