High energy shelter dog in Perry needs someone to ‘give him a chance’

Editors note: Each week The Telegraph is featuring a dog or cat that has been in an area no-kill shelter for a long period of time.

Trip is a smart little bundle of energy who has resided at Friends of Perry Animal Shelter longer than any other dog there.

Lynne Gibbs, the shelter director, said he’s a great dog in every way except apparently he’s too energetic for most people. He has been at the shelter for about a year.

“He would make somebody a great pet if someone would just give him a chance,” she said as she let him outside for some much appreciated play time Monday. “Most people just look at him and see his high energy - he can bounce about four foot high - and once people see him springing like a jackrabbit it kind of backs them off and makes them wary of him.”

However, if anyone is looking for a jogging partner or a dog to train for agility courses, she said, he’s your guy. She said he is good with children but they should be about 10 years or older due to his playfulness. He also gets along with other dogs.

He is crate trained, neutered, microchipped, up to date on shots and has no medical issues. He came to the shelter as a puppy and was quickly adopted, but the person who adopted him later brought him back due to a life change, Gibbs said. He is a little over a year old.

The shelter’s focus is to take adoptable dogs and cats from the Perry Animal Shelter that would otherwise be euthanized. Friends of Perry Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter and keeps the animals until a home is found. The shelter currently has 25 dogs and many cats for adoption.

Gibbs said they have nine cats with litters of kittens and another four litters of kittens without a mother that they are nursing.

They have accepted animals from the public in the past, but not now.

“Right now we are so maxed out, we are turning people away,” she said.

The adoption fee is $200 for dogs and $125 for cats, which includes spay or neutering, microchipping and required shots. To ask about adopting call (478) 988-7854 or visit fopas.org.