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A Macon park may get a disc golf course if flying objects don’t get in the way

A champion professional disc golfer says Macon-Bibb County needs another course to attract more tournaments and draw more people to the sport.

The prime location would be inside Amerson River Park say two avid players, who made their pitch to the County Commission on Tuesday. Before signing-off on the course, several county officials said they want to make sure the flying discs don’t interfere with other people visiting the park.

Amerson would attract new people to the game and entice more experienced players, said David Feldberg, a world champion professional disc golfer.

The current other course is at Claystone Park. Disc golf involves a player tossing a flying disc into a basket-shaped target.

“You guys have gotten to the point where you’ve attracted the local community to want to play but there’s nowhere to go outside of the beginners course that you’ve provided them,” Feldberg said.

John Harrison, a member of Macon Aces Disc Golf Club, said he would sell hole sponsorship that would pay for the costs to install the course. He installed the courses in Claystone and Bowden and invited commissioners to see how a course would look inside Amerson.

He said there was $18,000 in sponsorships sold at Claystone, and there should be some money leftover once the Amerson course is set up.

It could draw more tournaments that would be an economic benefit to Macon-Bibb, Harrison said.

“The tournament this year at Claystone had 88 people involved,” he said. “They’re making temporary holes so we can try to get more people involved.”

Mayor Robert Reichert said he wonders if Amerson would be the best venue for disc golf.

“We’ve got playgrounds and great lawns, and kids playing and bicyclists, people walking around paths,” he said.

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