‘Dangerous’ fugitives dressed in camouflage captured near pond in Monroe County

Richard Fountaine and Kimberly Belcher
Richard Fountaine and Kimberly Belcher

An escaped inmate from Wyoming and his alleged accomplice were found dressed in full camouflage and lying face down on the bank of a pond near Johnsonville Road in Monroe County.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office reports Richard Fountaine and Kimberly Belcher were taken into custody at just before 1 p.m.. Friday on Ga. 42 near the Logwall Church area.

Investigators received information from confidential informants of Fountaine and Belcher’s whereabouts.

Earlier in the day sheriff’s investigators were trying to determine whether the couple took a Ford Explorer from 543 Spear Road in the south part of the county. However, investigators determined that was not the case.

Belcher’s SUV in which the two fled from Wyoming in was found Wednesday and investigators learned that Belcher was a suspect in Fountaine’s escape.

Thursday, the sheriff’s office issued a lookout for Fountaine and Belcher who were last seen near Logwall Church Road off of Ga. 42 on Wednesday afternoon.

Fountaine, 29, and Belcher, 25, are accused of breaking into a building in that area, the release stated.

Fountaine was serving a sentence for burglary escaped from a lock-down unit of a halfway house in Casper, Wyoming. He was discovered missing Dec. 28, having climbed a wall and a chain-linked fence to escape in a waiting sports utility vehicle, according to the Sidney Herald newspaper in Montana and the Casper Star-Tribune newspaper in Wyoming. The halfway house is run by a private prison company that contracts with the Wyoming Department of Corrections. Belcher was a staff member who allegedly helped him escape.

Multiple agencies assisted in locating Fountaine and Belcher. A GSP helicopter was also used in the manhunt.