Georgia man charged with arson after girlfriend’s remains were found inside his burnt car

An Eastman man was charged with arson Monday in connection with a car fire in which his girlfriend’s body was recovered.

Michelle Bazemore’s burned remains were found Saturday inside the charred interior of Doug Sheriff’s white BMW that was set ablaze and parked beneath the Gum Swamp Creek Bridge on Ga. 117, according to a news release from the GBI.

Passersby called 911 Saturday morning after smelling the odor of something burning.

Later, 48-year-old Sheriff was arrested, questioned and booked in the Dodge County jail, the news release stated.

The cause of death of 50-year-old Bazemore was still being investigated Monday.

Scott Whitley, special agent in charge of the Eastman GBI office, told The Telegraph that Bazemore had recently moved to Dodge County from Houston County.

The investigation is ongoing.