See an unsafe spot for pedestrians in Macon? New website let’s you report the danger

Macon resident Robert Harden said while he’s driving around town, it catches his attention wherever turn lane and crosswalk markers aren’t visible.

Now there’s a new resource for people like Harden to point out those unsafe conditions for pedestrians and motorists. A new website was unveiled Monday.

The interactive site is the product of the Macon-Bibb County Pedestrian Safety Review Board, a group working to find ways to reduce the number of people killed or injured by motorists.

People are asked to report issues on the safety review board’s website at www.maconbibbvzp.com:620. Information will be collected through March 29.

The issue could be anything that causes concern such as a missing curb ramp or a sidewalk that’s in poor condition.

The data from the website will be used as a snapshot database that will become part of the final Vision Zero Action Plan, which aims to eliminate all types of traffic fatalities.

From 2014-2016, Macon-Bibb County had twice the rate of pedestrian fatalities compared to the national average. Of 38 traffic accident related fatalities in Bibb last year, 14 of them involved pedestrians being killed.

“We know that people around this community are the best experts when it comes to conditions in their neighborhoods, when it comes to what they’re seeing on their daily walks or on their commutes,” Tom Ellington, Pedestrian Safety Review Board Chairman, said at a press conference Monday. “We want to make sure that any place that there is a problem that needs attention, we’re made aware of it.”

Harden, who was also at the press conference, said the concept of the website is a good one, but he wondered if there will be tangible results from the information gathered.

“It’s nice to know what the issues are, but without the money or wherewithal to address few, if any of them, you have to kind of say what’s it all about,” he said.

There have been instances where traffic safety issues have been addressed because of these types of reports. One of those are speed humps that were installed in Pendleton Homes complex after some residents raised concerns, Ellington said.

The information from the website can help prioritize issues whenever money is available for them whether it’s local or other sources of funding, Ellington added.

“Part of the ambition here is to draw money in that we might not otherwise get in order to make it a safer community,” he said.

Anyone unable to access the www.maconbibbvzp.com:620 can report issues to the Pedestrian Safety Review Board at 478-803-2820.

Over the long-term, Macon-Bibb’s SeeClickFix website will continue gathering those reports.