5 high-tech standing desks that look good, too

Sure, standing at your desk all day can be a bit of a pain, but spending the 9-to-5 leaning back or hunched over is terrible for you. Luckily, you no longer have to choose between the workstation equivalent of a juice cleanse or a pile of snacks. There’s a new crop of adjustable high-tech desks that do everything from tracking your standing and sitting patterns to playing your favorite tunes, including a desk that’s handsome enough it might convince you to stand all day, anyway.


The Stir F1 is all hardwood, brushed metal, and slick glass, with a clean workspace that packs in a lot of gizmos. (Insert favorite supercar metaphor here.) You actually have a profile within the desk’s software -- yes, this desk has software -- and it learns your standing and sitting habits over time, feeds that data to your Fitbit over the Bluetooth connection and has Wi-Fi for receiving automatic software updates. Everything is operated by a touchscreen. It’s total overkill in the best way. $4,190


The EvoDesk is less a single product and more a platform. You can mix and match different colored frames, optional trays and monitor arms, various desktop materials (or just get a frame and use your own top), before finishing it out with an integrated set of Harman Kardon speakers to create the desk fit just for you. One of the best add-ons is a $49 programmable adjuster that will move the desk to four preset-height positions. There’s also a treadmill option (+$999), but save your pennies and just join a gym. From $599


The new standing desk from Artifox is more of a B.Y.O.T. (bring your own tech) situation, but it’s ready for the most connected customer. The maple or walnut frame, made entirely in St. Louis, has a system of compartments for routing all your cables out of sight. Pegs hold headphones and bags off the floor, slots hold your phone and tablet upright, and a built-in writing surface lets you take notes right on the desk itself. If you’re willing to forsake adjustability and go straight to all standing, all the time, we can’t think of a more stylish option. $2,200


If you’re not ready to spend small-boat prices for the F1, the ERGO gets you most of the way there, with fewer frills and an easier-to-swallow price tag. You still get a fully adjustable desk that learns your patterns over time and starts to predict your favorite height positions, along with a speaker, spots to hang your keys and bag, and even a wireless charging pad (if you’re into that sort of thing). There are all kinds of hands-free software features that run through an app; they look mostly redundant, so just focus on the hardware here. And be prepared to wait: The IndieGoGo campaign says they won’t be shipping for at least a month. $499


It’s a speaker. No, wait, it’s a desk. The LD120 packs a seven-speaker 2.1 sound system into a desktop, mounts that on lacquered legs, covers it in leather, and encourages you to plonk your laptop right on top when you need to get something done. There’s a USB cord, as well as standard headphone jack and RCA for plugging into the onboard sound card, so you get every bit of quality out of those high-quality music files on your laptop. (Or you could just stream Apple Music). Who knows, having a desk you like using might even get you to work a little harder. $1,750