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The holidays are upon us and time for a recipe or two

Let’s skip the normal politics and the standard “here’s what I’m thankful for” columns. Instead, every year I prefer to share a recipe or two. In my new book, “Before You Wake,” the last third of the book is recipes. I believe there is something soul nourishing about people coming together around a table to break bread. We should not limit it to the holidays, but we should all do more of it. A shared meal that someone takes time to cook seems to be a lost art. We need more of it.

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Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (11/24/17)

Dear Lord, you are my strength and joy. I will rejoice in the day you have made. Thank you for police and firefighters and doctors and Lord I also thank you for the judges, dentists and teachers. Without your power for those community helpers we would be lost. Amen.