Bibb County Parks and Recreation Tennis Division Implements Church Junior League

Recently, the tennis division of Bibb County Parks and Recreation created a Junior Tennis Church League through a program called Love 2 Serve Tennis.

Love 2 Serve Tennis connects churches with tennis through the church’s already existing youth program,
providing healthy opportunities for additional fellowship. 

Interested youth leaders should register for a free-of-charge Tennis Coaches Training Workshop. Don’t let the words ‘Tennis Coaches’ scare you away. Yes, it’s best if you already know how to play tennis, keep score and understand on-court etiquette. However, no tennis experience is necessary to participate! All you need to do is attend the Coaches Workshop, and Carl Hodge, Bibb County’s Tennis Manager, will take care of the rest.

“Just show up (for the Tennis Coaches Workshop) with enthusiasm and a commitment to recruit a team from your church’s youth,” says Hodge. “And I’ll train you how to teach your kids to get on court and start playing.”Once youth leaders are trained, they can begin to recruit their teams. Here again, no tennis experience is necessary for youth to participate. In fact, novice players are welcome.

After teams are formed, the practice sessions begin. Youth leaders will utilize their newly acquired tennis training skills to teach their kids how to play the game. Teams will practice three times a week at either John Drew Smith or Tattnall Tennis Centers. Kids pay $3.00 a week (per player)to cover court rental cost. Tennis racquets and balls will be provided.

Upon the completion of the practice portion, Hodge will host a series of Play Days where churches will compete against each other earning points and gaining match play experience.

Age divisions include the following age groups:

Group A – ages 7 - 8.

Group B – ages 9 - 10

Group C - ages 11 – 12

Group D – ages 13 – 17

If you’re interested in either coaching your church’s team, or enrolling your child on your church’s team, please contact the John Drew Smith (478-474-5075) or the Tattnall Tennis Center (478-751-9196) for more information.

For additional information n tennis at The John Drew Smith or Tattnall Tennis Centers, check out the following website: MaconTennisConnect