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Macon doesn’t deserve all the blame for GHSA championship issues

In March, Macon became the punch line of the sports world in our state after the disaster that was the GHSA basketball championships.

All the issues that have been on display the past few years at the Macon Coliseum for the championships — parking, wi-fi, concessions, professionalism of the staff and on and on — were taken up a notch because of the silliest problem of all: the goals not being in the right spot for the games.

That was embarrassing, and it made Macon look bad. And writers and fans from around the state piled on and made joke after joke about our city.

All of those were deserved, but Macon should not have been the only punch line for those few days in March. The GHSA was just as much at fault, if not more so, for the problems with the court setup for those championships.

Yes, the parking, wi-fi, concessions, professionalism of the staff and other issues with the getting-older-and-more-run-down-by-the-day Coliseum belong to our city and its leaders. Those can’t be pinned on the GHSA.

The problem with the goals, however, falls squarely on the GHSA. No one from the association checked the goals before the games started? That’s just ridiculous. And it’s even more ridiculous to think that when the GHSA was notified, it did nothing to fix the problem.

That, however, shouldn’t be a surprise. The GHSA has issues that pre-date my time in the state (every year except for one since 1993), and those problems have continued throughout the past 20-plus years.

Ever been to a GHSA championship event? If so, you know what I mean. They typically have problems with the setup of the event, and those issues are so wide-ranging that is hard to list all of the dysfunctions in one column.

But suffice to say, the association has a lot of problems to clean up before it starts pointing fingers at Macon. That, however, is what it looks like will happen if a report that the GHSA will move the basketball championships to the campuses at Georgia and Georgia Tech becomes fact.

We’ll see if that happens. But it’s a good bet the problems with the GHSA championships won’t stop with a move away from Macon.