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Daniel Shirley: Greyson Lambert needs to set tone for Georgia’s season

Georgia quarterback Greyson Lambert will make his debut for the Bulldogs on Saturday against Louisiana-Monroe.
Georgia quarterback Greyson Lambert will make his debut for the Bulldogs on Saturday against Louisiana-Monroe.

It won’t really matter who plays quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday against Louisiana-Monroe as far as deciding the outcome of the game.

The Bulldogs will win the game easily.

But it will matter how the quarterbacks play.

As we found out Monday, that will start with Greyson Lambert, a transfer from Virginia. Lambert beat out Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta for the start, even though he just joined the program this summer.

That’s more an indictment of Ramsey than it is the program because this team has a chance to be pretty good no matter who the quarterback is because it has plenty of good parts entering the season. But it really makes you wonder how Ramsey, despite entering his third season with the program, couldn’t beat out Lambert. That can’t be comforting for Georgia fans if something happens to Lambert.

But what about Lambert? What can we expect from him? He wasn’t very good at Virginia and lost his starting job with the Cavaliers this spring. Will he be better at Georgia with better coaching and talent surrounding him? Or will he continue to make the same silly mistakes he made with the Cavaliers?

That’s what we all should be looking for Saturday.

It won’t take Lambert playing great for the Bulldogs to win this game. But it’s still important that he plays well and is smart with the ball. The junior needs to be efficient and sharp to set the tone for this season. If he isn’t efficient and sharp, that could set a bad tone for the Bulldogs.

And they don’t need that. They just need him to be solid.

The running backs are dynamic. The offensive line is strong. The tight ends are terrific. And while the wide receiver group isn’t one of the strongest in the nation, it has some talent. True freshmen Michael Chigbu and Terry Godwin are intriguing, and it will be interesting to see what they can add to the offense.

That said, at some point in this season, Lambert will need to be more than just a quarterback who stays out of the way. There are folks who say that Georgia’s quarterback just needs to hand the ball to Nick Chubb or Sony Michel or Keith Marshall 30 times per game. But there will come a time (or times) that the Bulldogs are going to need Lambert to make a play, do something pivotal to help them win a game ... or at least not lose it. He will need to be able to step up then and really become an important player for this offense and not just a secondary piece.

He won’t be the focus on the offense Saturday, but he needs to show he can do those things when called upon to get the team’s season off on the right foot.

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