Little League

LLWS championship, inning-by-inning

Little League World Series championship

Sunday, Aug. 26, 2007

Lamade Stadium, Williamsport, Pa.

Warner Robins 3, Japan 2

Inning-by-inning breakdown:

1st inning: Top - Keaton Allen starts on the mound for Warner Robins. Japan takes a 1-0 lead when Yuru Yasuda doubles to deep right field, but Warner Robins gets out of the inning without further damage. Bottom - Ryo Kanekubo starts on the mound for Japan. Kanekubo walks Dalton Carriker, but otherwise induces a flyout, groundout and strikeout. Japan 1, Warner Robins 0

2nd inning: Top - Ryo Ogawa doubles to open the inning. After a strikeout, Hiroki Takewaki walks. Next batter singles to load the bases with one out. Allen strikes out the next batter. Masaya Ogino singles off Allen's leg, Ogawa scores to make it 2-0. Ryo Kanekubo pops out to center field. Bottom - David Umphreyville strikes out. Clint Wynn singles to left field. Payton Purvis hits a dribbler to the mound, no one covered first and Wynn and Purvis were both safe. Hunter Jackson bounces to the mound, Kanekubo throws out Purvis at second. Keaton Allen doubles to deep center to tie the game. Allen steals third. Zane Conlon strikes out. Warner Robins 2, Japan 2

3rd inning: Top - Kendall Scott on to pitch for Warner Robins, replacing Allen. Go Matsumori strikes out with runners on first and second to end the top of the inning. Bottom - Dalton Carriker grounds out. Micah Wells singles to left. Kendall Scott strikes out. David Umphreyville strikes out. Warner Robins 2, Japan 2

4th inning: Top - First batter strikes out. Kanta Hiraide singles to left field. Scott strikes out the next batter. Kanekubo grounds into fielder's choice to end the inning. Bottom - Clint Wynn grounds out to third. Nick Martens grounds out to third. Hunt Smith strikes out. Warner Robins 2, Japan 2

5th inning: Top - Side retired in order. Bottom - Taylor Lay flies out to right field. Zane Conlon walks. Dalton Carriker strikes out. Micah Wells strikes out. Warner Robins 2, Japan 2

6th inning: Top - Scott strikes out the side (Yuya Fukushima, Hiroki Takewaki, Kazutaka Kato). Bottom - Junsho Kiuchi takes the mound for Japan, replacing Kanekubo (pitch count). Kendall Scott flies out to deep right field. David Umphreyville reaches first on an error by the third baseman. Taylor Lay strikes out. Nick Martens strikes out. Warner Robins 2, Japan 2

7th inning: Top - Kanta Hiraide flies out to left-center. Masaya Ogino grounds out to the pitcher. Ryo Kanekubo walks, moves to second on a wild pitch. Yuri Yasuda works the count full and earns a walk. Runners first and second. Junsho Kiuchi hits a slow roller toward third, Hunter Jackson fields and dashes to tag third base bag just ahead of Kanekubo. Bottom - Hunter Jackson strikes out. Micah Wells strikes out. Zane Conlon strikes out. Warner Robins 2, Japan 2

8th inning: Top - Ryo Ogawa strikes out. Yuya Fukushima strikes out. Zane Conlon replaces Kendall Scott on the mound (pitch count). Hiroki Takewaki walks. Shunsuke Shibata on to pinch run, takes second on wild pitch. Kazutaka Kato works the count full, Conlon gets the strikeout. Bottom - Dalton Carriker hits the game-winning home run to right field. Warner Robins 3, Japan 2

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