High School Sports

Houston County ready for new uniforms, helmets

It was mid-afternoon, and practice wouldn’t start for about an hour.

And there was Houston County head coach Von Lassiter shaking his head while handing out instructions.

This time, the Bears were charged with some work on their attire. They filled up the cafeteria and spent more time than Lassiter would have liked slapping on decals for the Bears’ new helmets.

They’ll have them and new uniforms on display Thursday night when they take on Veterans at McConnell-Talbert Stadium.

“It’s the 25th year of HoCo football,” Lassiter said. “The 25th anniversary.”

So the Bears are going with plenty of silver.

The silver helmets are adorned with the scratch marks of a bear claw, which the players had to put on both sides while leaving room in the back for an H.

Lassiter and his staff worked the room trying to get everything straight before they headed out to practice.

“Cutting it pretty close,” Lassiter said.

The Bears have expanded their wardrobe, as well.

“We have (five) different uniforms we can wear now,” Lassiter said. “Well, three different home uniforms and two different away uniforms.

“Whatever the seniors say they want to wear, we wear it. I don’t care. I just want to play good.”