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East Laurens head coach Buddy Sorrow sidelined by infection

Buddy Sorrow felt good when he was named head coach at East Laurens back in January.

Then he started feeling less than good. By the spring, he was having some bouts with pain he thought was related to a kidney stone or perhaps a gall bladder issue. By the time summer arrive, the pain was worse, and his wife mandated a trip to the doctor.

The diagnosis was a bacterial infection in his stomach lining, and that combined with the effects of medication forced Sorrow to step back to almost a part-time basis, and he met with principal Eddie Morris.

“We decided that I just needed to be there when I can be,” Sorrow said. “Last week, I went to the one practice. We decided I would pick out two practices during the week that I would go to.”

He told the team eight days ago and had to stay home while the Falcons scrimmaged Wheeler County and new head coach Randy Grace two days later. Sorrow was thrilled with how the Falcons performed and maintained their composure.

“They kids gave great effort,” he said. “The execution was better than I thought I would be. The kids showed great class.”

He watched a tape of the scrimmage on the Hudl website and discussed it with his staff over the phone.

“Amazing thing, that Hudl,” he said of the video-heavy website. “You couldn’t do that back in the old days. My coaches might not be too excited about Hudl after I spend too much time on the phone with them all the time. ‘Get on the computer and run play No. 28.’”

He raved about coordinators Chris Robinson and Gabe Gay, who he kept from the staff of former head coach Gary Morton.

Sorrow said there’s no timetable on expanding how much time he’ll spend with the team. But how things have gone so far is a different kind of medicine.

“Everything’s going good,” said Sorrow, in his second stint as the Falcons’ head coach. “My coaches are handling things good. They handled the scrimmage real well.”

And he said the players have stepped up.

“I think half of my sickness was worrying about what was going to happen when I did leave,” Sorrow said. “We’ve put them in a little bit of a bind, but they’re handling it.”