Masters: A multimedia hole by hole guide

View The Telegraph's entire series "The Masters: Hole by Hole." Sports editor Daniel Shirley and digital producer Jonathan Heeter talk about the challenges golfers face on each hole and what makes Augusta National Golf Club unlike any other place. The two have combined to cover more than 20 Masters tournaments.

No. 1: Tea Olive

No. 2: Pink Dogwood

No. 3: Flowering Peach

No. 4: Flowering Crab Apple

No. 5: Magnolia

No. 6: Juniper

No. 7: Pampas

No. 8: Yellow Jasmine

No. 9: Carolina Cherry

No. 10: Camellia

No. 11: White Dogwood

No. 12: Golden Bell

No. 13: Azalea

No. 14: Chinese Fir

No. 15: Firethorn

No. 16: Redbud

No. 17: Nandina

No. 18: Holly