The Masters offers simple, great tasting food at an affordable price

Fans use umbrellas near the ninth hole during the second round for the Masters golf tournament Friday, April 12, 2019, in Augusta, Ga.
Fans use umbrellas near the ninth hole during the second round for the Masters golf tournament Friday, April 12, 2019, in Augusta, Ga. AP

While most people are watching the leaderboard, we’ve been watching the concession stand this week at the Masters trying as many of the delicacies as possible.

Concession stands can be found all over the course with enough lines to move everyone through quickly. Visitors can typically get in and out of the line within about 10 minutes, which prevents anyone from missing the action on the course.

From the famous pimento cheese sandwich to the peach ice cream sandwich, Augusta National has something for everyone.


The caramel popcorn is a crowd favorite in terms of snacks around the course. It has good flavors and provides a blend of sweet and savory that works well for a snack between groups. The moon pies are another treat that those from the South already are big fans of. It adds a bit of the old school Georgia flare to the menu.

List of snacks: Cookies: $1.50; Crackers: $1; Peanuts: $1.50; Caramel Popcorn: $1.50; Moon pies $1.50; Chips: $1.50


The pimento cheese is considered a Masters delicacy, and will please anyone who loves the traditional recipe. It’s probably some of the best I have ever had.

The standout though is the egg salad sandwich. Nice chunks of eggs in every single bite goes well with its overall creamy texture. These things are simply delicious. Sometimes simple is better and most things on the Masters’ menu fits that to a tee.

My least favorite from the week has been the classic chicken. It is a fried chicken patty inside a bun served cold like the rest of the sandwiches. It isn’t particularly seasoned well and is the most expensive thing on the menu at $3 (still a bargain).

Entrees list: Egg salad: $1.50; Pimento Cheese: $1.50; Masters club: $2.50; Classic chicken: $3


There is only one item listed as a dessert which isn’t a drawback when the one thing is this good. Take some of the best peach ice cream on the face of the earth and put it between a pair of sugar cookies — for only $2. The cookies are soft and taste freshly baked. The ice cream has chunks of peach in it and taste like the homemade kind you find at grandma’s house.


The Masters menu doesn’t have the biggest selection or the fan-fare type food that you might find at other major sporting events like nachos inside of a helmet or donut burger. But they offer what the South does best and that is simple, affordable dining.

Spectators can get out of Augusta National for less than $10 per day (if you’re being really stingy) or around $20 with your family. Prices that low are almost unheard of at an event of this caliber.

If you ever enter the grounds, do not pass up the chance to dine like those competing for the green jacket. On the 15th hole Thursday, Paul Casey pulled out an egg salad sandwich and ate it right there on the course. He seemed to enjoy his end-of-the-round snack, but I wouldn’t suggest waiting nearly four hours to tear into one like Casey.