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UGA player shoots his shot with ESPN commentator and the responses are hilarious

One of the University of Georgia running backs was trying to pick up more than just first downs during the game this past weekend.

Prather Hudson, the redshirt freshman from Columbus, got into the game against UMass on Saturday. He was blocking a player down the field when the pair went out of bounds. Hudson smashed into ESPN sideline reporter and co-host of SEC Nation, Laura Rutledge.

The former Miss Florida and University of Florida graduate took to twitter to thank UGA Athletics for helping her up after the fall.

Then Hudson, the former Brookstone standout, took his shot with the on-air personality.

Rutledge, who is married to Major League Baseball free agent Josh Rutledge, responded to Hudson’s proposal.

Twitter users also added in some rather funny responses as well.

Confidence is certainly not an issue for Hudson. Hopefully, it doesn’t get him into trouble with Josh, the former Alabama Crimson Tide standout.

While Rutledge may be married, Hudson may have caught the eye of others who are willing to shoot their shot for him.