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‘Every single game is a tough one’: What Jake Fromm had to say about upcoming season at SEC Media Days

Jake Fromm made sure to make his first trip to represent Georgia at SEC Media Days a fashion statement. A Middle Georgia-themed one, at that.

His blue jacket and pink bow tie was complemented by a monogrammed cuff, a pair of croakie sunglasses and duck-themed socks. He could’ve gone straight to hunting from the airplane if he wanted. Well, based on that attire, at least, for the Houston County product.

He had sets of eyes all over him. Fromm’s scrum was the biggest of all three Bulldog representatives. He strutted down the hallway in sunglasses with his teammate J.R. Reed. And he had a lot to say about Georgia’s summer preparation and working with young teammates.

Fromm made his biggest media appearance before Georgia kicks off its season at Vanderbilt on Aug 31. Here’s a look at what he had to say to reporters.

The new-look receiving corps: “There are a lot of new guys there. They’re scratching, clawing to be that guy. It’s tougher than before. I think those guys are ready to make plays and see what they can do. I’ve been doing extra throwing sessions, spending more time on the grass and meeting with them for extra amounts of time.”

Enacting the team motto of ‘do more’: “When you’re tired and don’t want to do anything else, then do more. It has been tough this summer. A lot with conditioning, in the weight room and teaching those younger guys. It has been a lot of work, so I try to be smarter about it and make the most I can of the situation. Personally, I’ve been trying to take care of my body more and get ready for camp.”

Competition in the SEC East: “Every single game is a tough one. It may not look like it on paper, but in the trenches, it really is a tough football game. It starts with how we can prepare and do our best, week in and week out.”

His message to the young receiving corps: “The message for those guys is that they don’t have to make all the plays right away. We want them to get in, learn from the older guys in the room and not be afraid to fail. For those guys, it is really how they can be available and how can they run routes.”

The challenge of playing road games: “We look at those games where we didn’t quite get over the hump in the past. It starts with what we do in the offseason and summer with how we prepare and condition. We have to play every single game like it is our last and try to go 1-0 every single week.”

The variety of offensive weapons: “We have great guys in great positions. Our offensive line and running backs are very talented rooms who can really help propel this offense to the next level. That is really going to help and take a little pressure off the receivers, but I think the receivers are ready to go.”