The fans spoke. Macon Bacon listened. Here’s what the team is cooking up this season.

Macon Bacon mascot name unveiled, and he’s got some moves

Kevin bested more than 2,000 names, some duplicates, submitted by Middle Georgia for Macon Bacon's mascot name. The name was revealed Friday.
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Kevin bested more than 2,000 names, some duplicates, submitted by Middle Georgia for Macon Bacon's mascot name. The name was revealed Friday.

As opening day approaches at the end of the month for the Macon Bacon, the area’s Coastal Plain League baseball team, plans are underway to make sure fans have fun between the hits and the base runs.

Never been to a game? Here’s what you might see.

At Luther Williams Field, the home of the Macon Bacon, the time between innings is when the music cranks up and Kevin Bacon, the mascot not the actor, comes onto the field making his way over to the umpires.

The crowd cheers for the umps to join Kevin in his antics. The mascot throws a feather boa around one ump’s neck and they all start to bop to the music.

Expect a number of fan-driven changes this year with more entertainment by the mascot as he works to get the crowd to join in.

“We probably added about 15 to 20 new skits this year along with updates to last year’s…that people liked,” said Tyler Vertin, director of marketing. “So just adding variety and new skits to it, that’s a big thing for entertainment.”

Vertin said there was a need for new skits going into year two of the team playing in Macon.

“It’s kind of hard to come up with that many skits (with some fans) seeing 26 games and nine innings. And you know two skits per innings ... that adds up,” said Vertin. “But being able to...get some variety that’s the way to do it.”

The fan fun is a big part of minor league baseball games.

“You can kind of tell like on non-theme nights you have a little bit of a smaller crowd,” said Sarah Leo, the director of partnership activation and entertainment for the Bacon. “But I think having something that you know interests fans ... that usually ends up drawing a bigger crowd.”

The team will play 25 home games and only six of those games do not have some kind of themed entertainment planned.

Some theme nights are simple such as fireworks or special happy hour offers. Other themes are more elaborate, including the new event, where the team will wear throwback jersey to the days when Macon baseball was an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

Leo said the most popular themed events last year were Star Wars night and Allman Brothers night. Both games were eventually rained out, but had the biggest ticket draws than any other home games.

Allman Brothers night is special to Macon, Leo said, because it connects to Macon’s music heritage.

Nick Green, the new director of food and beverage, has some other changes planned. Green surveyed fans about what they’d like to eat at the ballpark.

Hint: Look for more bacon.

“A big thing that was talked about this year was...adding bacon into the menu. So, we are doing that in a lot of different ways,” said Vertin.

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