Lamb. Peanut butter. Krispy Kreme. 5 unique burgers on Macon menus year-round

Burger Week shows off some of the most unusual (yet delicious) $5 burgers in Macon.

And while Burger Week is a great time to go out to restaurants and try new creations, there are already pretty unique burger combinations on local menus that go beyond American cheese, bacon and ketchup.

We researched menus in Macon, and we’ve found several inventive burgers that will make your mouth water.

Smokey Appleation, Ocmulgee Brewpub, 484 Second Street

The burger starts with a beef patty and is topped with grilled apple slices, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and red onions. The sandwich also comes with your choice of beer mustard or barbecue sauce.

Pair it with an order of their truffle fries or one of their beers like the Float Daze.

Dickey Betts, Famous Mike’s, 524 Poplar Street

The key to this beef patty is the Mike’s blackening seasoning. The patty is then topped with bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms and blue and Swiss cheeses.

Pair it with an order of tater tots or ask for a Sweet Melissa cinnamon roll for dessert.

The Luther, Cashman’s Pub, 370 Cherry Street

The bun for this burger is a pair of Krispy Kreme doughnuts that provide a sweetness that mixes well with the savory patty and toppings. The beef patty is topped with cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon.

Pair it with an order of onion rings or an appetizer like their buffalo chicken egg rolls.

The Jimmy Carter, The Rookery, 543 Cherry Street

The Jimmy Carter burger is known as a staple in Macon. A nod to the peanut farmer and former President of the United States, this burger is topped with bacon and peanut butter. Pro-tip: Add jelly to the burger, too.

The burger pairs well with the Billy Carter adult shake. Named after Jimmy’s brother, the drink includes banana ice cream, bacon, peanut butter and Jack Daniels whiskey.

The Underwood, Bearfoot Tavern, 468 2nd Street

This burger is just as presidential as the last. It is named after current Mercer University President Bill Underwood. The sandwich includes a lamb patty that is topped with a feta tzatziki spread.

Pair it with their muffuletta pasta salad.

Justin Baxley is the fan life reporter at The Telegraph and writes stories centered around entertainment, food and sports in the Macon community. Justin joined the Telegraph staff after graduating from Mercer University in May 2017 with a degree in criminal justice and journalism. During his time at Mercer he served as the sports editor for The Cluster.