This Forsyth band’s cover of ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ has more than a million views on Facebook

A group of old friends who created their own recording studio and perform around Middle Georgia are now social media-famous after a video of theirs surpassed more than one million views on Facebook.

The southern rock ‘n’ roll band Maude’s Cabin decided to play Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Tuesday’s Gone” in April 2016, and a friend decided to record them with her phone.

“That was just with some acoustic guitars sitting out on the deck one Sunday afternoon,” said Mark Johnson, guitarist and singer.

John Ham, drummer, said the song was a favorite for the band and one they had played several times.

“(The video) became very popular and gained over a million views,” he said. “It shows that we are appreciated and people enjoy our music.”

The band started in 1974 when Kim Brock, guitarist, moved to Forsyth.

Brock said he was a freshman at Mary Persons High School in 1974 when he met Johnson and Ham.

“I met Mark the second day I came to school here. He walked into class with a guitar case, and I was like, ‘Oh, you play guitar? So do I,’” Brock said.

“And we been friends ever since,” Johnson said with a laugh.

Ham said they started playing in Brock’s living room, which was later turned into their recording studio, Woodland Recording Studio. Johnson said they could play until Brock’s mom came home.

“We’d be in here playing, and you’d hear footsteps coming down the steps, … ‘I can’t even hear myself think. Are you deaf?’” Johnson said with a laugh.

They moved to the sharecropper’s shack behind Maude Ferguson’s house in order to play as loud as they wanted.

Brock learned that Ferguson’s cabin was vacant through a club he was in and jumped on the opportunity to fill it with their music.

Johnson said he joined the Air Force after high school and would play with the band whenever he came home for a visit.

“When I retired, we all got back together and started jamming, and it’s like well we need a singer. Kim found $2,” he said.

In 1999, Doug “$2” Jones said he didn’t want to sing in a band anymore but decided to help out until a replacement could be found.

“I ain’t never left,” he said.

The other two members of the band are Bobby “Bobwyre” Ivey, bass player, and his son, Johnny Ivey, rhythm guitar player, who grew up watching the band play together.

Ham said Woodland Recording Studio is available for bands to record in, and Swain and the Highway Souls produced an entire album from the studio. To book the studio, message them through their Facebook page.

“Our technique and playability is as good as it’s ever been, so we’re gonna be getting out a little bit more now,” he said.

Here is a list of upcoming events at which Maude’s Cabin will be performing:

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