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Why I jumped on the ‘Trump Train’

I was late boarding the Trump Train — almost missed it. After the primaries I was faced with a crude, egotistical man who nevertheless was supporting a presidential platform that I fully endorsed. On the other side was an attractive, well-spoken woman who was experienced in domestic politics and familiar to world leaders, yet she would continue the same social and economic policies which I believed were taking the country down. Plus, there was her shocking, I believed criminal, carelessness with national security information and her seemingly pay-for-play family foundation. Both very troubling.

I’m a policy voter so my choice became clear but it wasn’t an easy choice for some of my friends. I told them in my view the choice boiled down to: Crude provocateur of better policies or crooked “presentable” of status-quo policies. Take policy from the equation and you had crass vs. crooked. I advised them that crass could only hurt their feelings but crooked could hurt everything else. Most of my friends ended up scrambling aboard the Trump train.

Apparently, a tremendous number of women voters came to the same conclusion as we did. Post election analysis revealed that women overwhelmingly voted policy over gender. (Gender and race are non-factors for me). Amazingly, Trump only received one less percentage point of the women’’s vote than Mitt Romney did in 2012. And any lingering misgivings about Trump’s chauvinistic view of women were dwarfed by the sexual vulgarity, elitism and misogyny displayed by the leaders and many of the participants in the women’s marches after the election.

I saw women sporting pussycat hats who appeared to revel in the same sexually crude word that so offended them when Trump used it a dozen years ago. I saw Madonna greeting Trump supporters with an F-bomb and getting cheered for it and then listened to her ranting about blowing up the White House. (And they call Trump a bomb-thrower?) I was shocked to learn that one of the main organizers of the port-inaugural march was the non-moderate Muslim activist, Linda Sarsour, a pro-Hamas anti-Semite, who lauds Sharia law and believes the famous underwear bomber was a CIA agent in disguise to make Muslims look bad. Then I learned that pro-life women’s groups were denied marching permits. You don’t get any more elitist than denying the pro-life views of half the women in America. And the pro-life exclusion also shut out the life and death concerns of another group of extremely vulnerable women — the millions of “little women” in the womb. So the lives of women-in-the-womb don’t matter to so-called progressive women? Guess not.

Everyday I’m feeling more validated by my Trump vote, in spite of his unconventional ways. And I just realized that Hillary’s popular vote win could be viewed as entirely from the state of California — a state with over 13 million votes. Take away California and Trump wins the rest of the country, 49 states , by 1.4 million votes. Interesting. And those women’s marches had to add to Trump’s popularity. To Americans paying close attention to the women’s “resistance movement” it becomes more and more obvious that a man would have to try really, really hard to be more of a misogynist than a woman wholly devoted to Democratic/progressive policies.

Rinda Wilson is a resident of Macon.