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The view from one Clinton supporter

In his Nov. 14 letter to the editor, Mike Smith attempted to demonize both Hillary Clinton and the almost 61 million citizens who voted for her in the recent presidential election by declaring that Clinton supporters “might need professional help.” This letter attempts to present an alternative view from one who resents this kind of volatile, hate-filled, wholesale condemnation of over half of those who cast a ballot.

Most of Donald Trump’s supporters have transitioned into a less volatile, more positive attitude related to the opposition, and most Clinton supporters have also accepted the results which showed Trump winning the electoral vote which gives him the White House. But, on both sides there remain some who will not let it go and move on to helping the country cope and move on with our lives in a more positive direction.

One frequent Clinton hater who refuses to drop the volatile, mean-spirited, hate-filled rants is Mike Smith who, in past letters has identified himself as a psychologist. His letter does call into question the motivation of the letter which ends with an admonition from Smith for all to “come together” to make America great again. The America in which I live is already great compared to any other country on this planet, but Smith’s alternative America does seem dark and scary.

The popular vote in the recent election was clearly won by Clinton with most experts believing that by the time all popular votes are counted she will have close to a million more popular votes than Trump. This indicates a nation almost equally divided; it also suggests that Trump was correct in declaring that the election was rigged. Because of the way our elections are structured with the Electoral College component, the system was indeed “rigged” against the candidate who received the most popular votes. The U.S. is the only major democracy/republic to have this system.

My letter is not intended to rehash all the issues of the exhautive election since most would agree it is time to move away from that heated rhetoric. Smith, though, continues with his hateful tone declaring that the almost 61 million Americans who voted for Clinton supported a “lying, corrupt criminal” which is inflammatory to say the least. It deserves at least a response, especially since it comes from one who identifies himself as a psychologist.

I challenge Smith to identify, in very specific explicit terms, the reason for his claim of “criminal.” What is the nature of the specific crime(s) that Clinton committed? He needs to do more than simply repeat a claim he read on a right-wing news source which constantly spews conspiracy theories.

I was a college and university psychology professor for about 41 years, and I know many of the clinical and academic psychologists in this area and some nationally as well. I can say that we are not all perfect but never met a psychologist before who displayed the kind of negativity displayed in Smith’s letters. Perhaps the person who actually needs therapy is the one Smith finds in his own mirror.

Bill Curry is Psychology Professor Emeritus, Wesleyan College.