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Gender fluidity and the consequences on children

I thumbed through this month’s issue of Time Magazine and paused to read an article with a large, shocking photo of a man with woman’s breasts nursing his baby. Yes, it was “his” baby.

The article revealed that the man was actually born a biological woman but had “self-identified” as a man at age 19, changed her name to Evan, and began taking male hormones to give herself a male appearance. However, Evan didn’t have her female sex organs altered or her breasts surgically removed because Evan still had the female urge to bear and nurse a child. So Evan bound her female breasts beneath male clothing and waited. Evan married, and the couple was soon ready for parenthood, Evan discontinued the male hormones and got inseminated with a sperm donor, which was necessary because Evan had married a woman and this partnering resulted in two people with only female sex organs.

There are huge aspects to this story that the Time article never addresses, particularly the future psyche of the baby who was the result of all of these medical manipulations. That little boy will one day have a mountain of bizarre information to process. He will be confronted with the reality that his biological father is actually a sperm donor and the man whom he thinks is his daddy turns out to be his biological mommy — a biological woman who continues to hide her female organs and breasts — the breasts which nursed him after birth and dresses like a man because she doesn’t believe she was meant to be a woman. And on top of that, Evan’s son will discover the mommy taking care of him is actually a woman not biologically related to him at all. These future emotional and psychological hurdles for the son are never discussed in the Times article, which spins the story as two peoples’ heroic quest to break new social ground, resulting in a happy, “modern” family with no losers except intolerant onlookers.

The present reality in America is that the tiny sliver of the American population who identify as transgender and their allies have had incredible success in convincing liberal politicians, the media, big business, big sports and educational elites of two things. First, that gender self-identification has replaced biology as the critical determination of gender. And second, that this identification is not confined to two genders but rather consists of a dot on a male/female continuum that can go back forth over the lifetime of each person. And now, before the election, there is a full court press to get these so-called gender-fluidity ideas normalized, legalized, elevated and celebrated with little or no concern for their risk or cost to the 99 percent of the public who aren’t on board.

Consider this. LGBTQ leaders freely admit that many, many transgender men may dress as women but are still sexually attracted to women. Fine. So what sense does it make to force these cross dressing men into women’s bathrooms, lockers and showers, much less the military? But hey, we are an election away from all this insanity and more being forced down our throats and taught to our children — which is just one example of why a brash, hard-driving non-politician like Donald Trump continues to get so much traction with the voting public.

Rinda Wilson is a resident of Macon.