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WALKER: Was 2015 a good year or bad year?

Well, two-thirds of 2015 is gone, so I think it’s appropriate for me to opine as to who or what has had a good or bad year or may have one. Here goes:

College football: UGA, my team, will be good. They could be great. I’m worried about Georgia Tech. They could be great, also. It would be bad, actually awful, if the Yellow Jackets beat the Bulldogs two years in a row.

Alabama comes to Athens. Georgia goes to Auburn. South Carolina comes to Athens. Georgia goes to Tennessee and to Grant Field. Also, Georgia goes to Florida. Why do we keep going to Florida?

Will UGA be undefeated? Unlikely. Will UGA be great? Possible. Will UGA be good? Probably. That’s it on college football. There’s more than I really know.

Now, something I do know something about — maypops.

On our place, 2015 has been a bad year for maypops. The problem is too much vine and not enough fruit (kind of like most of our presidential candidates). Janice wanted maypops for the grandchildren, and we could not find even one. She desperately wanted to make some of those little maypop stick pigs. Oh well, better luck in 2016. But the grandchildren are getting older and might lose interest. Still, Janice and I won’t.

I mentioned politics and our presidential candidates — the 50 or so there are. Whatever happened to manners (like your mama taught you) and dignity? Are we limited to one or two families to supply our leaders? Why don’t we just elect a royal family?

It’s gotten to where every year for national politics is a bad year, 2015 being no exception. Money and the news media seem to control everything, and it looks like it will continue to be that way. Then again, the people may rise up. Could they try to do it with Donald Trump? Rise up, that is.

In 2015, we got something new at our place: little black ants. There are millions of them that “they say” came from Argentina. The ants scurry with great rapidity, crawl up your legs and bite you. And they really hurt. I’m talking about thousands and thousands at the cabin on the back side of our place.

So, little black ants join fire ants, kudzu, armadillos, wild hogs, coyotes and those big catfish that take over, all of which have come here since I came here in the 1940s. Not good.

Also, “they say” that 2015 will be the hottest year ever recorded. Do they remember 1954 and 1955 without air conditioning? And, my observation, the gnats are the worst they have been in years. Plentiful moisture, I think. They might even have gnats in Macon, which is above the gnat line, but occasionally they do. Have the good folks in Macon had gnats this year?

If we could get gnats started and flourishing in Atlanta and Washington, D.C., the politicians would get rid of them. But as long as they’re just on or below the gnat line, we will never get any relief. Learn to blow and swat.

I haven’t even mentioned all those huge fires out west. But, I have written enough for you to know that 2015 was not a good year for nature. The lack of maypops was especially discouraging. Could this be a sign?

One good thing: There were lots of good books available for reading this year, and I have read 25 of them so far. I look forward to making a report or two on these books at the end of December or early January — perhaps both.

That’s my take for 2015. What’s yours? And, by the way, I may give a final summation at the end of the year (which, of course, makes more sense). My only hesitation is that you will find out how little I knew about 2015 college football.

Larry Walker is a practicing attorney in Perry. He served 32 years in the Georgia General Assembly and presently serves on the University System of Georgia Board of Regents. Email: lwalker@whgmlaw.com.