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This conservative talk show host didn’t support Trump at first. But now he’s on board.

In 2016, a lot of people in radio were sure I had destroyed my career. I opposed Donald Trump in his run for president.

As this conservative talk radio show host, the dead pool started. The day after the election, more than one person applied for my job.

Thankfully, God has plans. I have no idea what they are, but I can tell you my entire career has been a divine act. I fell into radio because the local morning guy on Macon’s WMAC got arrested and the station needed someone to fill in. I was on CNN at the time and the station called. While doing that for three months for free, WSB in Atlanta let their overnight guy go. He got the job in Macon and I got his job at WSB. It was all an accident.

I moved, within six months, from a 9 pm. to midnight slot to evening drive time, where I have been ever since. Radio is a ratings-based business and coming out as a conservative talker against the president should have been career suicide.

In fact, I know very few people in radio who did what I did and still have a job. But, praise the Lord, I thrived and gained an audience that was mine and have grown it.

A few months ago, I said I would support the president’s re-election, given both my agreement with much of what he has done, though not all, and because of the radical progressive drift of the Democrats.

I have held my own at both my website, The Resurgent, and on radio in terms of ratings and growth without being a yes man for the president. But having gone third party in 2016 and seeing the choices before us now, I will support the president even if I take frequent issue with him and his tweets.

On Friday, and I hosted my annual political conference in Atlanta and was on stage with my longtime friend Vice President Mike Pence. Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia and Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee were also there. Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Tim Scott of South Carolina and David Perdue of Georgia were there as well. I had conversations with all of them about public policy and the future.

But the real excitement will come in two weeks. And it concerns a new radio program.

I fell into radio by accident, but I have made a career at radio. It is not yet my longest held job. I served as editor of RedState.com for a decade before deciding it was time to leave. Radio, though, is where I plan to be for the long haul. In two weeks, I will add to my radio duties.

I put my annual conference in Georgia this year because it is going to be a heavily targeted state in 2020. One thing Georgia is missing is programming that focuses on state news and politics from a conservative perspective. The talk shows available are all national shows of national focus.

Georgia is going to be really important in 2020. Over the past few months I have been focused on developing a new show that would be a talk show for Georgia. Sure, national politics will come up, but Georgia will be the focus.

Perhaps a station in Macon might put it on. I would love to finally be back home on radio. Your prayers are appreciated as I both spend this weekend talking to our elected officials and spend the next two weeks launching this new endeavor.

Erick Erickson is host of Atlanta’s Evening News on WSB Radio.