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It’s one more time with gusto for Democrats who like to complain about elections

Polling place worker Michael Barron, right, hands out sample ballots to voters coming to the Bibb County Board of Elections office for early voting on Oct. 17.
Polling place worker Michael Barron, right, hands out sample ballots to voters coming to the Bibb County Board of Elections office for early voting on Oct. 17. bcabell@macon.com

A recent NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll shows that two-thirds of Democrats believe the Russians actively changed vote tallies to throw the election to President Donald Trump. Not only is that not true, but it has been publicly disputed by Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson and a host of other Obama administration officials. To say Trump won because of the Russians is mythology.

Mythology is at work again after this most recent election. When Trump questioned the results in Florida, the media rallied against him. Now that the election is over, Democrats are pushing myths to explain Republicans stole the election.

“Democracy did not win in Georgia,” former Attorney General Eric Holder tweeted this past Sunday, citing a tweet from left-wing author Ari Berman. Berman has pushed the mythology that Brian Kemp somehow suppressed the vote and Berman’s claims are being recited by Democrats across the country.

He and other Democrats claim Kemp “purged” 1.5 million voters. Actually, the secretary of state complied with a Democrat enacted law from the 1998 that requires voters be contacted if they have not voted in three consecutive years. If the voter fails to return a pre-paid postcard affirming they still live at their address and then they do not vote for four additional years, they will be removed from the voter rolls. Democrats wrote this law and then-Gov. Zell Miller signed it into law and no one complained about it until now.

In 2015, a federal court issued an injunction prohibiting Kemp from running the computer program that would move voters off the rolls. After the federal judge determined the law was constitutional, Kemp ran the program in 2017. Georgia law prohibits it from being run during years in which a federal election is on the ballot.

Democrats also complain about 53,000 pending voters. This list includes 17-year-olds who registered to vote. They become active voters upon turning 18. Most importantly, anyone on this list can show up at the polls and vote. They just have to prove their identities. Seventy-five percent of the people listed as pending are pending because they put the wrong Social Security number on their registration paperwork. Twenty-three percent of those were generated by Stacey Abrams’ 2014 voter drive. None of those people have ever showed up to vote.

Democrats complain about 4.5 hour wait times. First, it is hilarious that the Democrats are complaining about long lines as a threat to democracy. I thought 1.5 million people were purged? But they still showed up to vote? The issue here is a local issue, not a state issue. In the metro Atlanta area, Democrats filed a lawsuit that got 1,500 voting machines sequestered in a federal courthouse, unable to be used on election day. Local officials did not buy more machines because this is the last year these machines would be used. The Democrats created the problem and now complain about it.

Lastly, they complain about 214 polling locations being closed. Most of those closed were in counties Hillary Clinton won. All of them were closed by local officials who never even told the secretary of state. In fact, the overwhelming majority of issues about election problems in Georgia originated at the local level with no input from the secretary of state. The best way to fix this problem would be to give the secretary of state the powers Democrats already claim he has. But we would not want to do that, would we?

Erick Erickson is host of Atlanta’s Evening News on WSB Radio.