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The press hurts itself more than Kavanaugh with its attacks on the Supreme Court nominee

I have spent more than a few column inches defending the press against President Donald Trump’s attacks. But the past few weeks have shown more and more that we no longer have a free press in the United States.

Instead, we have a national political press willfully enslaved to the Democratic Party. Instead of championing truth, too many national political reporters have donned pink knitted resistant caps and worked to destroy Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Consider reporters Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer. Mayer has a history of running specious attack pieces against Republicans. Farrow has built up his reputation as tearing down powerful men abusing women. Together they worked to savage Kavanaugh with ridiculously thin gruel that placated progressives without touching truth.

The New Yorker reported it has contacted “several dozen” people who Farrow and Mayer’s purported victim of sexual misconduct, Deborah Ramirez, had contacted. None knew what she was talking about, and Ramirez admitted she was not sure.

Every witness Farrow and Mayer found had no knowledge of what Ramirez claimed or expressly denied her claims. But they still ran her story and treated her as a truth teller.

Farrow and Mayer are back this week with a man named Kenneth G. Appold, who is upset the FBI failed to interview him. Appold is not a witness. He claims a classmate told him Ramirez’s claims were true. But, Farrow and Mayer bravely report, “The New Yorker reached the classmate, but he said that he had no memory of the incident.”

Despite having not a single eyewitness who remembers the incident; several who do not; and an accuser who admits she was drunk, has a poor memory, and only became convinced Kavanaugh did it after spending six days thinking about it and meeting with a lawyer, Farrow and Mayer ran a hit piece on Kavanaugh. Farrow was willing to destroy the credibility he built up taking down movie executive Harvey Weinstein and CBS executive Les Moonves just to score points for the left.

NBC News fared no better. This is the network that had video of a woman who spoke on the record about what Weinstein did to her. The network refused to run the story. NBC protected Matt Lauer for years. But last week, using a leak from Democrats, NBC claimed a new accuser had come forward to inform the Senate that Kavanaugh had attacked her daughter in 1998 outside a restaurant while drunk.

It turns out it was an anonymous letter from an anonymous person claiming to pass on a story from an anonymous friend about an anonymous daughter.

Then, NBC ran a story that accused Kavanaugh of lying to the Senate about his knowledge of Ramirez’s accusations. The network selectively quoted Kavanaugh, conveniently leaving out the parts of his testimony that contradicted their story. The Senate Judiciary Committee itself issued a statement rebuking NBC’s story, noting the network relied on secondhand accounts of conversations between Kavanaugh’s friends.

Lastly, the press and Democrats started by accusing Kavanaugh of rape and ended by claiming he lied about drinking heavily. The press made up Kavanaugh’s statement. He said, under oath, that there were times he drank too much. The press claimed he said he never got drunk then declared him a liar.

The American press corps damaged its own reputation more than Kavanaugh’s and proved it can no longer be trusted as an honest reporter of truth.

Erick Erickson is host of Atlanta’s Evening News on WSB Radio .