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On Roy Moore

Let’s say you really do not believe the accusers who have come forward about Roy Moore. While I disagree with you, that’s fair and I think you can vote for Roy Moore with a clear conscience. Thankfully none of us will be voting in that race. Though, were it me, I would stay home instead of voting for either man.

The problem is that many of the accusers tell plausible stories. The 14 year old has told her story for more than a decade and local media just never covered it. All of the accusers told their stories around the time they happened. We also now have plenty of people who can confirm the local mall in Gadsden did not care for Roy Moore hanging out hitting on teenagers. Then there is Roy Moore admitting he dated teens as a 20-something. I do not care who you are or what generation you are, that is creepy.

If you have concerns about Moore, you probably should not vote for him. That does not mean you should vote for the other guy. He would be terrible. But you can stay home. What horrifies me is the number of Christians who are providing Christian defenses for voting for Roy Moore even though they think he molested a child.

There really is and can be no biblical basis for voting for someone you think molested a child 40 years ago if that person refuses to admit it and has not repented. And even then I would think you would want to avoid voting for that person. But it is clear other people’s mileage is varying on that point.

Nonetheless, Roy Moore is probably going to win. He will win first because of a modern American phenomenon. The news cycle speeds along so fast that the Roy Moore story is last year’s news. Americans have moved on to Matt Lauer, John Conyers, Al Franken, and Donald Trump’s mean tweets to the British Prime Minister. Everyone has forgotten about Roy Moore.

He will also win because Democrats have done their best to make this a partisan issue. They have stood by John Conyers and Al Franken. Their walk backs from Bill Clinton have been opportunistic. And some of the loudest voices against Roy Moore are now accused of bad behavior themselves. Deeply cynical people in politics combined with tribal American politics has poisoned the conversation.

The conclusion we should all draw from this is that maintaining moral integrity is a really big deal. Democrats had very little moral high ground when they called out Roy Moore because they defended Bill Clinton for so long. Then it turned out all the Hollywood stars they have allied with for years were, for those same years, doing terrible things. The calls to do something about Roy Moore fell on deaf ears.

Republicans should take note of this. They now have a president who spends his days mean tweeting and who has his own massive moral failings. Republicans who ignore the Moore situation because of partisan grandstanding by the left will one day be frustrated when no one listens to them. Both sides have cried wolf and turned enough blind eyes that everyone seems to be willfully deaf and blind.

The Christian Church in America should be serving as a prophetic voice at this time. Unfortunately, much of the evangelical community has decided to serve as a wing of the Republican Party. Pastors are more interested in seats as the table of power than rooms in their Father’s house. And it is only going to get worse.

Erick Erickson is a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host in Atlanta.