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Hate is too burdensome to allow its continued existence

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Hate is so ridiculous. It is especially ridiculous when hate is a result of race. I believe race hatred is taught. I remember when my son was in elementary school describing his classmate as peach. He did not realize she was white. Kids do not see color until they are taught.

I think it is plain ridiculous to hate someone because of race. It is economically unsound. It is spiritually, emotionally and physically draining. Are we mature enough to realize when you have to co-exist that you have to accept differences? It is sickening because it is so real.

How do we overcome it? I simply want to exist in peace, protection and prosperity. I want all the good stuff individuals not of my race want. I also want what I want for them. I do not think I am better than anyone else. No one should. The good Lord made us all.

It boils down to treating folks like you want to be treated or how you would want those close to you to be treated. The karma of life exists in racism too. God sees this. We’ve got to become bigger than hate and racism. We’ve got to question our inner biases. We’ve got to be willing to listen to others who are different from ourselves. We have to be willing to disagree without being disagreeable.

Human beings of another race are not folks to mock, humiliate, destroy, attack, oppress, kill, or do anything to that you would not want done to yourself. I think the challenge has to be an inner challenge. The willingness to be fair and the willingness for an inner gut check.

Folks should ask, am I a racist? Do I think folks of another race deserve less than I? Do I treat folks of other races well? Do I see other races as “those” people?

It scares me because I see our country turning back progress in tolerance toward race. In fact, it is getting out of control. Folks are becoming bold racists. I love all races but I am still able to see the ugly traits of racism, and I would like to see it stop so our neighborhoods, counties, state and country can become better. I do not want to live in fear of terrorism openly or secretly done. I want to enjoy where I reside as a human being.

I have hope for our country. It is in how we approach this out-of-control issue. We should also stop racism, sexism, classism, and all “isms.”

In the last few years, we have been experiencing in this country at least twice a year a national situation involving racism. Then after the cameras are gone, it continues to occur daily in our neighborhoods, counties and communities.

We are sparked on by the ones receiving national attention. We march. We are on TV. What happens after the cameras disappear? Raising awareness is good but why are we not following up on these issues after the marches/rallies?

I have tried to ignore racism. Mainly because I think in 2017, people should be better than that. (We should be better at sexism, classism, and disability discrimination too, etc). However, sometimes it happens right in our neighborhoods and it becomes too expensive, too violent, too disruptive and too dehumanizing to ignore. We have got to work at this stuff every day and stand up to it when we see it without fear of terror, or being blacklisted, receiving economic retaliation, and the like.

I do have hope. Just before this incident, one of my white Facebook friends invited me to church. Over the years, not once have I been invited to a white church, even though I must admit, I have received invitations at my North Macon address sent to everyone in the neighborhood.

I think it will take whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians and all others to say no to racism and stop anyone who attempts to engage in such. Our country has too much potential to let racism (or other “ism”) prevail, thrive and succeed.

Veronica Brinson is a Macon-based attorney.