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An introduction from D.A. King

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."

Attributed to Plato

Hello Telegraph readers, Opinion Page Editor Charles Richardson, has consented to allow me to use this space to share some facts and commentary on politics and immigration and what I have learned about how our system of government really works. I am very grateful for the opportunity and look forward to filling in the blanks often left out of the news.

A short introduction is in order. At age 64, I am a former Macon resident who has lived in Marietta for34 years. I grew up in the Detroit area of Michigan and Montgomery, Alabama. In 1969 I proudly joined the United States Marine Corps and have been married to my dream girl, Sue, since 1982 and do my own yard work.

This writer could easily and accurately be described as a pro-enforcement, pro-English language and a working class, right-leaning child of the ‘60s who is not a member of any political party. He is not well liked by most in the political establishment.

Having studied the immigration issue for several years, in 2003 I set aside my own insurance business and began what has turned out to be a life changing second career in education and activism on the American immigration question.

I founded the IRS non-profit Dustin Inman Society for that purpose in 2005 with personal funds. The DIS website is in bad need of an update which will happen when funds allow.

Readers curious about my own opinions on immigration enforcement should see a 12-minute television interview with Jorge Ramos on Univision in 2013 conducted during the last fight over another amnesty for illegal aliens. On immigration, the late Barbara Jordan is a personal hero here.

I have learned that for many in the political, media, academic, corporate and identity politics elite, open borders is the end-game ambition on immigration. Like most Americans, I oppose that goal.

Readers who want more information can read a warts and all Associated Press profile of yours truly from 2011 as well as a 2013 front-page New York Times profile.

Having been a long-time, regular but reluctant, denizen of Georgia’s Gold Dome since 2004, I have learned that most people do not know how their government really works and have seen close-up the inherent danger of that sad fact. I want to help remedy that situation. Honest.

In writing this, I just used the word “I” more than you will ever see it in the future, but it is an introduction and it couldn’t be helped. In case you are wondering, I use my initials, D.A., when I write because my mom named me Donald Arthur King. Which makes me Don King. I wouldn’t want any confusion to cause the other Don King any difficulty. Millennial readers, ask your parents.

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Please check here when you are curious and let us know your opinions? And please report all of my typos to Mr. Richardson.