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Same arguments to justify slavery used to refute the dignity of life

“It is my property.” “It is not human.” “It is not even three-fifths of a person.” “I can do with my property whatever I want.” “You have no legal right to control my property.” “Science says it is not an intelligent being.” “It cannot survive on its own. It is mine to do with as I please.” “It cannot feel anything.”

Those were the excuses offered up by slave owners before the Civil War. They refused to see humanity in slaves. They refused to acknowledge they had dignity and even life. They were viewed as sub-human. Slave owners and the segregationists after them concocted pseudo-science to try to convince people that the slave was incapable of intelligence, feeling, or freedom. They bought and sold them. They broke up families. They even argued it would be cruel to slaves to free them.

One hundred fifty-two years after our nation enacted the Thirteenth Amendment prohibiting slavery the same excuses used to justify slavery are now being used by those who would defend abortion. “Property” has become “body,” but otherwise the same arguments are mployed to deny humanity to humans in order to treat them as less than human. Modern America has just graduated from the trading of bodies to the trading of body parts.

Recounting the popular advice in ancient Rome, Jerry Toner of the University of Cambridge noted Romans of the day advised, “Giving birth to many children does not mean you should keep them all. If you are poor and do not earn enough to be able to support your family, you should throw away weak infants at birth. A child does not become a full human being until the eighth or ninth day when the father has accepted it into his household. ... So if your wife does produce an unwanted child, you should instruct her to abandon it at the town dump or by the roadside so the slave-dealers can pick it up.”

Christians were declared enemies of humanity by Roman emperors because, in part, they would collect the discarded babies from the town dump and raise them as their own. Likewise, they would refuse abortions. Two thousand years later it was Christians who took up the cause of abolition, and now Christians again seek the abolition of the newest stain on our Constitution. As an aside, it is worth noting that Christians have been opposed to abortion consistently for 2,000 years. Good luck trying to change their sexual ethic.

There are now American politicians and pro-abortion activists who have publicly supported the idea of the right to an abortion until the moment a mother leaves the hospital with her child. The Romans would recognize those Americans. The pagan disciples of Moloch who made child sacrifices for good harvests would recognize those who champion abortion as a means to fight climate change and increased carbon footprints.

In Washington this weekend, though, they will not get the same attention in the media that the Women’s March got last week, hundreds of thousands of Americans will march for life. They will pray for hearts and minds to be changed, and they will pray for an end to Roe v. Wade, a judicial opinion even pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has acknowledged was premised on sloppy reasoning going too far and too fast. And they will pray for the 13 children aborted in America in the five minutes it took you to read this column and the other 3,687 who will be aborted today.

Erick Erickson is a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host in Atlanta.