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Thankful from A to Z


By the time you read this, I’ll be down to turkey sandwiches and leftover congealed salad. Fortunately, I like both if the congealed salad is cranberry with pecans and the turkey sandwiches are on white bread with ample mayonnaise. So, I still have lots for which to be thankful. But, while I still have this past Thursday on my mind, let me alphabetically share with you some of my reasons to be thankful.

(A) is for, you guessed it, America. America has had a right rough time lately. But it’s not the first time. Remember the Civil War? Etc. It’s still the greatest country in the world and probably in the history of the world. I’m thankful that I’m an American.

(B) is for my friend, now gone, Billy Bledsoe. He was my fishing buddy and my friend. A “double B” and a great American.

(C) is for Christmas. It’s right around the corner and means so much to so many. Think children, Christ, Christmas, cradle, church, carolers, etc.

(D) is for David. My brother and law partner, David. A good man; a really good man. David is as solid as Stone Mountain granite.

(E) is for enthusiasm: for our country, the church, the Georgia Bulldogs (or the team of your choice), etc. Enthusiasm counts for a lot!

(F) is for family and friends. I’m blessed with lots of both. When you come to the end of your road, you really have only two things: family and friends.

(G) is for Georgia. I’m thankful I live in Georgia. I’m thankful I live in Middle Georgia. I’m thankful I live in Perry, Georgia. G is for Georgia.

(H) is for our home. A warm home in winter. A cool home in summer. A dry home. We like our house. We like our home.

(I) is for independence. I is for the Declaration of Independence. I is for freedom. Also, for me, I is for ice cream! In a free country, eating ice cream. You can’t beat it!

(J) is for Janice. A great wife, mother and grandmother: Janice Knighton Walker.

(K) is for kinfolks. I’ve got lots of them. Daddy had 76 first cousins living at one time. And, the Walker Family Reunion, 80 consecutive years, plus.

(L) is for lard. Had any homemade biscuits, lately, made with lard? Hot, buttered biscuits with maple (excuse!) cane syrup, made with lard.

(M) is for my Mama. She’s 96 and looking to make 100. Everyone (well most everyone) loves their mother. But I know that my mama is mighty magnificent. Thanks, mama.

(N) is for naps. I take a few on the sofa. I start off watching television, then I lay down for “just a few minutes” and the next thing you know, I’m napping. It’s wonderful.

(O) is for Oreo cookies. Black and white can work together for good. We need to make this a priority in 2017. The country needs it.

(P) is for pets. We have two wonderful, female dogs: Hershey and Cloie. Hershey is about 14 or 15 years old. Cloie was a “put-out” dog that took up with us eight or 10 years ago. We love our pets, Hershey and Cloie.

(Q) is for quiet. Away from the cellphone, the television, the radio, crowds, loud music, etc. Quiet is important and wonderful.

(R) is for Rhodes, Foster Rhodes. He’s helped to build and make the ag center. They named a building (Foster Rhodes Beef and Dairy Arena) after him this year. He certainly deserved it.

(S) is for Santa Claus. Nothing, when I was young, excited me as much as Santa Claus. And, by the way, he’s checking his list and he’s coming soon. Lots of good little boys and girls are getting as excited as I used to.

(T) is for turkey: baked turkey, turkey soup, turkey hash, turkey sandwiches and turkey hot dogs. I believe Ben Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national symbol.

(U) is for the U.S. Military. Of all the letters above, this might be the most important. Without our military, we probably wouldn’t have most of what I’ve mentioned here.

(V) is for victory — over cancer, nuclear war, starvation, bigotry, etc. And there’s victory in Jesus.

(W) is for wisdom. We need it in our leaders, political and otherwise. Pray for wisdom. Wisdom like our forefathers had.

(X) is for marking the spot.

(Y) is for y’all. Thanks to all of y’all who read my column — y’all who like it and tell me so and y’all who don’t like it and say nothing. And, thanks to real Southerners who have made this wonderful word “y’all” an accepted and much used word. Y’all are great.

(Z) is for Zell Miller. A great governor and U.S. senator. A great Georgian and a man who gave lots of folks hope.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Larry Walker is a practicing attorney in Perry. He served 32 years in the Georgia General Assembly and presently serves on the University System of Georgia Board of Regents. Email: lwalker@whgmlaw.com.