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Shallow faith and fear from people who say they believe in God’s will

My wife has cancer. I wrote, deleted, and rewrote that sentence almost a dozen times. But there it is in black and white. It’s true. This year has been a struggle. From people yelling at my kids in the grocery store because of their father’s opposition to Donald Trump, to people showing up at our home to threaten us, to kids at school harassing our kids because their parents hate us due to Trump, to getting lectured on the way into church by fearful Christians who suddenly think God’s will can be thwarted in a voting booth. I’ve really had enough of this year.

My wife has lung cancer and I am still recovering from blood clots in my lungs earlier this year. Between battling health issues and Campaign 2016, I am ready for next year. Not a day goes by now that I do not get an email or message through social media from Trump supporters telling me my wife has cancer because I am opposing God’s chosen candidate: Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, at my office, I received a letter from an 81-year-old man who informed me he believes Trump is a miracle of God sent to redeem this nation. Just yesterday, a man emailed me and noted “I have come to learn after listening to so many prophesies that God DOES have his hand on DJT! You, of all people, who are studying the Bible, KNOW about CYRUS, DAVID, SAUL OF TARSUS, etc. were used for God’s purposes! God can even use a donkey.” The all-caps were his. I replied that yes, God could use a donkey like Hillary Clinton.

What a shallow faith so many Christians have now. Between my wife’s health and my children’s safety, I really could not care less which of two terrible people becomes the next president. Some Christians have decided to make a deal with the devil. Five years ago, only 30 percent of evangelical Christians in America thought “an elected official (could) behave ethically even if they have committed transgressions in their personal lives.” In the Age of Donald Trump, now 72 precent of evangelicals believe an immoral person is ethically fit for office.

Even atheists are more likely to say an immoral person is unfit for office than evangelical Americans now. I realize, however, in pointing this out that I will be accused of arrogance. A lady sent me a letter the other day to tell me she and her husband think, since I have gone to seminary, I have gotten arrogant and belittling of Christians. Personally, I think when 72 percent of Christian evangelicals suddenly think an immoral person is fit for office, I can do no belittling as they have already beclowned themselves.

It is just deeply disheartening to see so many Christians think God’s will can be thwarted. The odds are that Hillary Clinton is going to get elected on Tuesday. Does that then mean God has abandoned his throne? Is God suddenly not in charge? Have I, by arrogantly pointing out scripture suggests Christians should shun men like Donald Trump, thwarted God’s will if Trump loses?

God can use anyone for his purposes. He can use Donald Trump. He can use Hillary Clinton. There is as much evidence that Clinton is the second coming of Cyrus the Great as there is for Trump. Come Nov. 9, God will still be in charge. But come Nov. 8, a sizable number of Christians will compromise their beliefs because they fear the future more than they fear the Lord.

Erick Erickson is a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host in Atlanta.