Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, March 17, 2016


At the conclusion of President Obama's recommendation speech for Judge Merrick Garland to serve on the United States Supreme Court, I was so impressed with the recommendation that I could not understand why President Obama did not have Judge Garland walk in on water?

-- Gilbert R. Switzer

Warner Robins

Asking for more

Bob Vaughn's letter about Macon is all about his being too cheap to pay city-county property taxes on a high-priced mansion. Lower property taxes would mainly stall the area's current progress on blight, roads, schools and most public services. A recipe for more mediocrity, something Vaughn says he already doesn't like about Macon, ironically.

-- Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

No distractions

At the risk of resurrecting Sanballat and Tobiah; please allow me a couple of comments and an equal number of items of consideration for Dr. Bill Cummings. It is both troubling and refreshing that he admits to a deficit in "not having all the answers" -- a late confession -- and a truth that has approached my abode many years ago. Amazing that realization of vanity, humility and the value of diplomacy arrives just prior to "shady pines." I sense Dr. Cummings is disturbed, and hurting -- that his spectacular academics was not able to tap into the wealth of theological promise. I will call his name in prayer. Next, since there is always a question as to how those who have never heard can justify their personal path, may I suggest that one read over and over if necessary, the passage of Romans 1:19-20. Lastly, may I also suggest that those who wonder why good people suffer and evil people prosper consider the vast domain of a free moral agency. The most perfect arena of freedom, is that where humanity makes their spiritual choice.

Nothing has ever been introduced, or suggested that will detract from such sovereignty of pathway, no pain, no threat, no intimidation, no super promotion, health or prize, no distraction or questionable stance -- nothing shall be questioned, as to items forcing mankind's ultimate decision of following Christ. The virtuous choice of man shall never be cluttered with motives of good or bad. Understanding this equation answers numerous uncertainties. And that vision never emanates from the academy.

-- Daniel W. Gatlyn


Budget figures

In Friday's Telegraph John Haugabrook stated "Social Security, Medicare, etc., alone consume over 83 percent of the national budget, leaving only 17 percent to run everything else." If you go to page 85 of the federal income tax instruction booklet you can see the correct figures: 42 percent, Social Security and Medicare; 17 percent, national defense; 16 percent, Medicaid and public assistance; 6 percent, interest on the national debt; 6 percent, health and social services; 5 percent, environment, transportation, education, space, energy, scientific research, etc.; 4 percent, veterans benefits; 2 percent, law enforcement, etc.; 2 percent, aid to foreign countries.

A more accurate statement would be that the national defense alone consumes 17 percent of the national budget, leaving 83 percent to run everything else. Today's presidential candidates surely know that if you torture the numbers they will say anything. Figures don't lie, but liars sure do figure (the candidates, not Haugabrook).

-- George Lawrence



I can understand why some have developed a case of the Mulligrubs over recent months with the near insanity of the national elections spectacle being played out through the national media; the sad and distressing local news reported daily in The Telegraph and the catastrophic weather in many locales.

And now we have the pleasure of "losing" an hour as we "spring" forward with Daylight Saving Time.

As I grow older, I find it harder to remember all the special dates foisted on us. Suggestions to help avoid the mulligrubs this time of year may be available through these special dates each year by moving them to one very appropriate day, i.e.,e move election day and taxes due date to April 1 (April Fools Day) and trash DST to history. Then enjoy the beauty and wonders of Spring saying, "One more time."

-- Arthur D. Brook