Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015

Damned if they did or didn’t

This is in regards to Michael W. Ellis’ letter regarding the Boy Scouts of America. Last year the BSA provided over 14 million hours of community service, valued at over $323 million and nearly 52,000 individuals earned the Eagle Scout award, which requires a Scout to lead an extensive service project for the benefit of his local community. The BSA also offers numerous other intangible benefits for hundreds of thousands of young men, all across the globe.

Regardless of what position the BSA decided to take on its LGBT leadership/member policy, it stood to lose. If it chose to uphold the policy, it faced losing public support and corporate support in general. If it chose to lift the policy, it faced losing a large amount of its membership, specifically those units chartered by churches and various religious organizations. The decision made regarding this issue simply removed the blanket-wide ban on LGBT leaders, while continuing to allow each individual chartered unit to determine its own policies regarding the matter.

I believe the organization acted in its own best interest in making this decision and has been unfairly dragged through the mud by both sides of this issue. I hope this issue can be finally put aside and people will see this organization for what it is, a fine institution that has made a difference in the lives of countless young men and the communities in which they live.

— David C. Brown

Eagle Scout, 2004

Warner Robins

Pedestrian deaths

This tragedy of pedestrian deaths could probably be reduced with three simple practices:

1. Walk so that you are facing traffic. This way you have at least a chance to jump out of the way in case a car, truck or motorcycle veers in your direction.

2. Increase your visibility. During the day wear something like day-glow orange or yellow and at night wear something with several reflector strips. It is also wise to carry a flashlight.

3. Pedestrians who are impaired by alcohol or medications should just stay off the roads completely. I would think this is just good old common sense but apparently it is not, at least not judged by the number of folks struck each year.

— Kent Kurtz

Warner Robins

Guns everywhere

How do I begin? Yes it is your right to pack a gun as they say if you are licensed and been though the state course. But seriously, everywhere? I was at a local restaurant the other night and a young man and his wife and child were eating dinner. There on his hip was a gun. I have had people show up at a birthday party for a 3-year-old “packing.” Are they that afraid of 3-year-olds? I recently went to a place of business to get a tire put on my motorcycle and the mechanic working in the back was “packing.” Why does he need a gun to install a motorcycle tire “because he can.”

If you own a tuxedo and can wear it anytime and anywhere you want, would you wear it to the beach to go swimming? Seems silly to me. No, I don’t own a gun. Never felt the need to own one. I am retired military and have used guns. I don’t begrudge those who do own firearms. But lets have a little sense.

You can lock it up in your car when you go into certain places or events. Just sayin’.

— Charles Johnson


Bring back the Ramada

Last Saturday we went to downtown Macon to look at skyscrapers. In front of the abandoned Ramada Plaza, I thought, “What a shame, look at that, it’s just sitting there.” Then I read the article “Dublin ready to light up its restored skyscraper.” If Dublin can save their little skyscraper, then why can’t Macon find a way to restore the Ramada to its former glory? I think the county commission should do something about this.

— Kyle Talcott (7 years old)


Forced logic

David Conner wants us to believe that illegal immigrants from Mexico are effectively reclaiming territory that white Americans took by force.

I wonder if he realizes that Spain invaded what is now Mexico in the early 16th century, overthrew the Aztec Empire, and colonized the land? If we accept his logic, we must conclude that illegal immigrants from Mexico are actually reclaiming land that Spain took by force.

— Steve Wooley


Example for Macon

Macon’s leadership should send a delegation to Chillicothe, Missouri, to get some tips on how to beautify a city. It is a very clean town with beautiful restoration going on everywhere. This is no joke.

— George Scoville


Georgia PIRG off base

I respectfully disagree with the premise of Mike Litt’s Aug. 22 letter to the editor (Drowning out consumers), in which he argues that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a government agency, doesn’t need congressional oversight.

He is misguided in attacking Sens. David Perdue and Johnny Isakson for sponsoring a bill that would ensure the CFPB is more accountable to the people it purports to serve, bringing it in line with other federal regulators.

Not only does the CFPB continue to make policies outside of the formal rule making process, restricting access to credit, but it has no accountability to Congress and the public for its budget or actions. The bureau is the perfect example of government overreach, as presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson pointed out in a July 28 Op/Ed.

We applaud Rep. Ann Wagner, R-Mo., for taking a strong stance against the type of federal overreach that is manifested by the CFPB and fighting to maintain access to affordable, responsible credit for Georgia’s consumers.

— Bill Himpler

Executive vice president of the American Financial Services Association

Washington, D.C.