Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, August 20, 2015

Definition of racism

I read with great interest the letter from Clarence Thomas Jr., and cannot let it stand without comment. Although Thomas’ definition of racism does come from Webster’s dictionary, it is a 1936 definition, and more contemporary and definitive words can be found today with a little research. First, there is no validity that the people initially involved with the slave trade were kings or queens. Historically, they were captives of the various tribal conflicts of Africa, and were sold by other Africans who had captured them. Kidnapping for sale into slavery was not unusual as well, and there are some cases where criminals were also sold as slaves. Research will also show that many Europeans were sold as indentured servants early in the Colonial period, and certainly none were queens or kings.

As for the excuses Thomas makes that their origin has resulted in their current attitude — violence and disrespect — that conclusion is completely warped. Should that be the case, our Scandinavian citizens would be using their ax on their neighbors, our American Indian citizens would be voting with tomahawk in hand, and my Irish background would entitle me to carry a club to be sure I was heard when I spoke. All three point to a very biased and perhaps racial attitude. Violence and disrespect of existing order and laws do not provide a good starting point for joining an active civilized community of thinking people.

Then, why are so many of my white colleagues so leery of blacks? And I will grant that the scale runs from friendship to tolerance to active dislike with white people, just as it does in black people. No one can deny that. Thomas sets forth the idea that white society perceives the actions of a few blacks to be the attitude and actions of all blacks. That is also not true.

But, if we look at statistical data on race, there seems to be some validity to the insecurity of whites around blacks. In Georgia, blacks make up 31.4 percent of the population. Of 453 murders in Georgia, 377 or 83 percent were committed by blacks. Of the 365 rapes in Georgia, 228 or 62 percent were committed by blacks. Of the 2,779 robberies in Georgia, 2284 or 82 percent were committed by blacks. Of the 8,873 assaults in Georgia 5,576 or 63 percent were committed by blacks.

Nationally, blacks make up 13.2 percent of the population. Yet, 1 of every 4 Aid to Dependent Children recipient is black. Seven out of every 100 is white. Of the black recipients, 48 percent are not and have never been married. Eighty-seven percent do not have jobs. And the black Section Eight Housing payment recipients are 48 percent of the total.

So, Mr. Thomas' problems are not with the white community. He might want to consider cleaning his own backyard before venturing into venues he neither knows nor understands.

— Bob Hubbard


No longer America?

America is no longer dominated by Americans. America is no longer one nation under God but a nation being ripped apart and divided up by hyphenated Americans.

— M. Diane Middleton

Peach County

Put a fork in it

Hillary is done, break out the forks. Alfred Graham asked me for more insights about the Democratic race for president in 2016 after I predicted Hillary’s flame-out. Here’s a couple of questions for local Democrats: Does Hillary still get Secret Service protection in Leavenworth? Do designer pants suits come in bright orange? See y’all at the polls.

— John Brogden

Warner Robins

Text is wrong

Many people believe they can end a moral or religious discussion with the scripture verse, “Judge not, that you be not judged’ (Matthew 7:1). However, I believe we have a right and an obligation to judge other people constantly. Our whole system of jurisprudence is built upon that fact. Laws are passed and if you break them, I and society will judge you and punish you. I would also contend that some people’s/countries moral values are better than other people’s/countries values.

That was the reason for going to war against Adolf Hitler. We said that he and the Nazis did not have a right to act toward other people the way they did. The same thing is true toward some countries in our world today. So stop using this text to justify immoral or illegal behavior.

— Richard E. Lanning


Expanding arrogance

Hillary Clinton is living proof that arrogance can expand to fill any gaps that might otherwise exist in one’s intellect.

— Bill Pitts


Read other sources

If you want to know the truth about Hillary Clinton and the classified email scandal, just read the Judicial Watch bulletin. Ignore the news media. It is constantly promoting her run for the presidential election.

— R. Stetzler

Warner Robins

Picking time

OK, so I knew things were going to (you know where), but I didn’t know we were almost there. A strawberry farmer in Washington state lost over a third of his strawberry crop this year. Reason: He could not find employable help even though the pay was $17 per hour with benefits for picking strawberries and the front page photo in the Wall Street Journal shows only one picker in a five acre field.

Welfare is either too well-heeled and pays way too much or picking strawberries is more than just bending over. However, money is not bad and I’ll bet the hours are all you can stand. If I wasn’t pushing 80, believe me, I’d be picking strawberries.

— Ken Brown


Where did she go?

The account in the Cop Shop column where one man invited another over for “sex” failed to state what happened to the woman who was there. She had to have been a witness to the taking of the PlayStation, because to describe what may have happened between two men does not fit my understanding of the words “sex.”

— John Ricketson


New Monroe Doctrine

Now that America has an embassy in Cuba and this hemisphere is experiencing new expansion by other nations, especially China, it might be time to consider asking candidates for president, Democrat and Republican, their position for reinstating the Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine simply stated that America would not tolerate any colonial expansion in this hemisphere

— Gil Switzer

Warner Robins