Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, xxx, 2019

Bishop buys into impeachment farce

On Sept. 24, Georgia Rep. Sanford Bishop stated that it was “imperative” to impeach President Trump. He followed the lead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the report of a whistle blower complaint alleging wrongdoing by the president during a phone call with the Ukrainian president.

Sanford Bishop made up his mind without getting any facts. He pre-judged the reported allegation before knowing any details other than Nancy Pelosi called for it.

On Sept. 25, President Trump declassified and released a transcript of the phone call. On Sept. 26, he declassified and released the whistle blower complaint to Congress.

Sanford Bishop was quick to add a release to his congressional website with a link to the whistle blower complaint. In a blatant display of deceit, Bishop ignored any reference to the transcript of the call itself.

This is a calculated and disingenuous ploy to mislead. Sanford Bishop should provide the transcript so that his constituents can get the complete and accurate account. He is presenting only one side.

Democrats, with their loyal followers like Sanford Bishop, are seeking neither truth nor justice. This farce is not an impeachment. It is a duplicitous, devious, dishonest inquisition.

Donald Eugene Cole,


Ways to combat litter in Macon-Bibb

The beauty of Macon-Bibb is being destroyed by litter. Our highways and streets are covered by beverage cans, bottles, straws, candy and gum wrappers, take-out containers, plastic utensils, napkins, paper, and beer cartons to mention just a few. Mattresses and furniture are common sites along our highways as well.

Macon-Bibb draws visitors from across the nation. The presence of litter speaks volumes about our attitude toward how well we care for our community and the environment. Litter sends visitors and residents a message that we do not care about our community and can discourage further visitation and commerce.

What can we do? We can take (at least) these simple and common sense steps:

Use trash and recycling receptacles

Place and use a small litter bag in your car or truck and avoid throwing litter out of your car

If you are a smoker, carry and use a portable or pocket ashtray

Keep your truck beds and trailers litter free

Take mattresses, etc to the landfill

Make it a weekly habit to pick it up litter in your yard and business.

Kent Shrader,


What a bunch of hypocrites

The NBA and its loudest personalities reminded the American and Chinese public that they are running a business. All businesses are bound to a universal profit motive, and this is natural. The recent trend of injecting social and political activism into corporation brands has needlessly divided the public over basic hygiene products from razors to tampons. The NBA is at the forefront of many activist movements, and its players boldly voice their opinions on domestic issues. The NBA canceled its all-star game in Charlotte due to a controversial bathroom bill. Players such as LeBron James and James Harden hold a moral high ground on many political issues and lecture the public on partisan political matters yet refused to condemn China.

These recent weeks have shown social progressivism is pursued if and only if it is profitable to do so. The NBA’s response to a simple tweet advocating freedom in Hong Kong demonstrates it does not have the moral courage to value freedom over profit. Therefore, consumers have no reason to accept the moral grandstanding of Gillette, The NBA, Nike, or any corporation because they wear a veil of morality to hide their greed.

Noah Kleinert,