Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019

Can you hear me now, Rep. Scott?

In early September, I emailed Rep. Austin Scott asking if they were planning to do anything about the uncontrolled national budget and debt.

An answer was requested. After two weeks and no answer, I called Scott’s D.C. office and was told an assistant would get back to me. After two more weeks, I called Scott’s Warner Robins office and was told a new man in D.C. was now answering such inquiries and I could call him.

I asked the lady if she would call up there for me and she said she would.

Still no reply as of this date. Rep. Scott apparently has little concern for the budget, deficit and me.

R.H. Moulton,


Protecting Biden won’t work

It appears the Democrats are using this issue with Ukraine to get impeachment discussions going again. However, it appears if anybody is guilty of wrongdoing, it was Joe Biden not Donald Trump. Erick Erickson, in the Sept. 29 Telegraph, explains this issue with Joe Biden, Joe’s son Hunter and Ukraine nicely. Since Ukraine wanted to build favorable ties with the U.S., Hunter Biden got a well-paying job with a Ukrainian company. Hunter, as have other Bidens, has a history of cashing in on the family’s position as documented in the mainstream media. When this company was being investigated by a Ukrainian prosecutor, Joe Biden, who was vice president under Obama at the time, to protect his son, demanded this prosecutor be fired or Ukraine would not get the billion dollars in foreign aid promised.

Since Joe Biden is the leading Democrat in the polls and has the best chance of defeating Trump in the midterm elections, Joe must be protected. Therefore, the party must get the impeachment dialog going to get the spotlight off Joe Biden and on Trump. Impeachment is based on a phone conversation where Trump requested Attorney General William Barr and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani corporate with Ukraine President Zelensky in looking into the Hunter Biden issues. It appears appropriate issues as these should be exposed concerning a potential U.S. president. As this impeachment proceeds, Biden is going to be hurt more than Trump.

Roger Rader,


Bad times coming and average folks are hurting already

Major corporations are still laying off middle and lower paid men and women, but still maintain the top management even though the most deserving are literally being thrown to the wolves! I have yet to see any humane treatment for for young or old staff members. Many have worked decades and earned less than 10% of what is called the top tier!

In times like these where both the husband and wife are left unemployed, loss of their homes and cars comes rapidly due to most not having been able to save, mostly due to basic costs like childcare and school.

This downturn is going to be deeper and longer than most realize. Private and public debt is far higher than normal. With interest rates at their lowest level and falling banks are tightening up their pockets Repossessions and foreclosures are imminent.

Grandparents are in line with parents to try and help where it is possible.

The current unemployment will not remain low and going into an election year paints a highly questionable picture .The party out of power wants to pay off all school debt and give Medicare (government funded insurance) to all! That would but millions in the insurance industry out of work. That is pure socialism and would bankrupt America. If you doubt these facts, check hem out!

Joe Hubbard,