Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019

Air show was wonderful

On behalf of the Robins Regional Chamber we want to publicly thank Col. Moore and Team Robins for bringing the Thunder Over Georgia air show to our community. It was a remarkable weekend of excitement for all ages as we enjoyed the incredible array of aerial demonstrations and ground displays focused on providing an understanding of Air Force missions and military capabilities as well as the skills and professionalism of its people. Team Robins executed a world-class event welcoming crowds from near and far inside the gates to experience Robins AFB “PRIDE” (People, Readiness, Innovation, Drive and Excellence).

It is no secret that Robins Air Force Base is the economic engine that drives Middle Georgia. We are thankful for the opportunity to promote and support the missions and team members of Robins AFB.

April Bragg and Gary Garrard,

Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce

Great to read good news

Thank you for Positively 478!

I love reading good news and learning more about our community.

Bravo to the Telegraph staff!

Harriet Jardine,


Trump has obviously done wrong

Houston, we have a problem. That is a famous phrase from a movie on the Apollo program. We currently have a problem. The president of the United States asked a foreign country to investigate the president’s political adversary.

There are many problems with this. First, if Joe Biden was guilty of corrupt acts as vice president that is a United States problem to be investigated by the United States, not a foreign country, to protect the rights of Biden. It is entirely a U.S. problem because all evidence of impropriety would be found in the United States. Did the State Department and President Barack Obama asked Biden to get rid of the prosecutor in Ukraine? If so, there is no possible corruption charges against Biden. This appears to be an attempt by the president to use his office to smear a political rival. This merits removal from office.

Clarence N. Berry,

Warner Robins

An idea to make a Macon road safer

Another person walking was killed recently trying to cross Gray Highway in front of Fincher’s Bar-B-Q, but there is a way to ameliorate, if not eliminate these senseless deaths. Gray Highway is a state route so our elected officials need to pressure GDOT to fix this problem.

The distance from Shurling Drive to Nottingham Drive is about a mile, so there really is no need for speed, as long as the ingress and egress from the numerous curb cuts can be controlled so the traffic moves efficiently, which it does not now do. The best and safest way to correct that is to build a raised median from the entrance of Nottingham Drive to Shurling Drive, preferably a raised, landscaped median with separate and marked turnarounds for cars to reach the opposite side. After all, this is the main north/south entrance into our city. Wouldn’t our elected officials want that entrance to be safe, aesthetically pleasing and inviting?

A well-designed and landscaped median affords people walking across the road a safe refuge in the middle of the road and allows them the advantage of only having to look in one direction for oncoming traffic to reach the safety refuge of the median — instead of looking both ways, and accounting for the dangerous middle turning lane — and then, look again, in only one direction to safely cross over to the other side of the highway. Crosswalks are not the answer to this problem. Other communities have retrofitted similar roads which were dangerous for people walking, why won’t we?

Lee Martin,