Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019

Making college free would add to inequality

Free college tuition is a popular Democratic Party meme. Elizabeth “I have a plan for that” Warren has a long screed on her campaign website which does not address her plan’s potential for widening inequality gaps.

Students from poor neighborhoods often lack the education and skills to succeed in college. The public colleges and universities getting her funds could, of course, dumb down standards, just as has happened in first-12th grade education. Warren’s plan to “make additional federal funding available” for institutions demonstrating “improvement in enrollment and graduation rates for lower income students and students of color” (the plan doesn’t exclude well-off foreign students of color) would certainly incentivize these types of maneuvers.

But even though colleges such as the Philadelphia Community College, where my sister has been on faculty, have offered remedial English and math, and now remedial remedial English and math, a large number of these students still aren’t able to graduate. So free college tuition would not help these poorly equipped students but would be a boon for those students who could have paid for college.

Stella Tsai,


Voting complaints don’t make sense

There is a lot of talk about the upcoming election for president in 2020 and also still about the 2018 gubernatorial election. There are two things that always upset me when speaking about elections.

The first is about voter ID. We have to have ID for many other things, why do people not want an ID requirement for voting? The state of Georgia does offer a free State ID for voting purposes, which is great, so there is no reason that those who vote wouldn’t have an ID.

The second is talking about voter role purging. This happens, from my understanding, if they haven’t voted in over eight years. This would be two presidential elections and many other midterm elections and local elections. This makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that these people haven’t voted in eight years. Why? I am from the Midwest, and one of the biggest lessons we were taught in school is that the most important freedom we have in the USA is voting. I was taught you should vote in each and every election, from local elections up to the presidential election and all in between.

With all of the people always complaining about this and that, but they are not voting? Georgia had a voter turnout of only 55%! This is half of those registered to vote! It is our right, our responsibility, to register, remain registered and to let our voice be heard! No voting, no complaining, Plain and simple! Go vote!

Matthew Jennings,


RAFB still needs our concern, support

Why no big celebration for the end of encroachment at RAFB? Are there homeowners who have refused to sell their homes? Is it a funding issue? Why hasn’t the 21st Century Partnership kept us informed on the status of encroachment — a vital issue for the next BRAC? Why hasn’t The Middle Georgia Regional Commission told our public the status of encroachment? Why is it that Rep. Austin Scott is such an infrequent visitor to our base? Is he still busy trying repeal ObamaCare or deny our poor free phones to use in emergencies? Or end free school lunches to our school children? Robins Air Force Basse is our state’s biggest industry. We should never assume that it will be here forever!

Frank W.Gadbois,

Warner Robins