Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, August 11, 2019

Who else wasn’t there?

To Alex Cole and Carl Pirkle:

While you two were taking headcount at Ground Zero and in Vietnam, did you happen to see Barrack Obama, or Bill or Hillary Clinton? How about Bernie Sanders? No? Let’s see, Al Sharpton had to be there, after all , they had cameras out. Oh, let’s not belabor it. The same benchmark can be applied to hundreds in D.C. and in capitols around the nation.

I wonder where you two were at both times. Your lack of a grasp of reality is tainted by your thoughts gleaned from New York Times and Washington Post newspapers. Come on,The Telegraph is bad enough, why import outside none sense.

Yes, I did my time in uniform.

James Huber,


Hate is cause of recent violence

“Guns don’t pull the trigger,” our president said. No, Mr. President, too many guns and too little regulation pull the trigger. Hate pulls the trigger. White supremacy and racism pull the trigger. If the violence over the last couple of weeks have taught me anything it is that I don’t speak enough about racism. Between the hateful tweets from our president and the hateful actions of white supremacists, I have learned one thing: that white supremacy is the air our administration breathes. It is the words our administration speaks. It is the money our administration accepts. It is the policies our administration writes. It is the hateful actions and violence our administration condones.

If I have learned anything it is this: that every time I do not speak about racism and white supremacy then I am implicitly supporting it. In the wake of these atrocities my commitment is to speak more, read more and do more to counter white supremacy in our country. (One book that I hope to read is “How to be An Anti-Racist” by Ibram X. Kendi).

May the words of our mouths, the meditations of our hearts, and the gifts of our hands be acceptable in your sight, O God of justice, God of peace, and God of reconciling and abundant love.

The Rev. Cassandra Howe,


People need to inform themselves about taxes

I am getting very tired of hearing all the talking points come out from these so-called intelligent politicians that “Big Business needs to pay their fair share of taxes.” I put forth that big businesses truly do not pay taxes. I will explain.

If a company that puts out a product or service must make a profit of $100 per unit of production or service operation, then the total cost of that produce is the sum of all cost plus the profit. Now, the cost is made up of all cost like labor, electricity, insurance, facilities and taxes.

Now let’s say for this example that their product sells for $1,000 and their taxes are $200 per unit. Remember their taxes are not just federal business tax but also property tax, state tax, their license fees, Social Security tax they must also pay on each employee and others. If you raise any of these taxes the company passes these costs on to the consumer (us) so that they still get their $100 profit per unit. If they can no longer sell their product at the higher price then they simply go out of business and we all lose. We lose jobs thus we lose our homes and cars and communities. So next time you start calling for companies to pay more taxes just remember who would really be paying them, we the individuals in the form of increased prices.

Harold Dugger,