Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, August 4, 2019

Not up to proper journalistic standards

On two successive days you printed (above the fold) front page articles written by Zeke Miller categorically stating that President Trump’s tweets about “The Squad” and Rep. Elijah Cummings are racist. How does Mr. Miller know? Did he interview the president to ascertain that the assertion he posits is correct?

In my opinion, publishing commentary cloaked as fact is one of the most disreputable acts a so-called practitioner of journalism can commit. When the AP is given to disseminating such tripe and one of its subscribers prints same, both need no longer wonder why their once honorable profession is held in such low universal esteem.

T. Len Perkins,


Trump using money irresponsibly

The Supreme Court has ruled Trump’s diversion of billions of dollars from the defense budget for border wall construction can proceed as the case moves through the court system. How strong an influence political ideology among the justices was cannot be known and is no longer relevant. Every dollar —Trump plans to take billions — will fall on the taxpayer and/or the national deficit. Although predictions are dicey, the history of the Pentagon does not suggest that its leadership will say: “Gosh, the defense budget was swollen, and the money taken for the wall wasn’t really needed.” It is far more likely that those defense leaders will press to have the subverted money replaced.

Trump’s one legislative success, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (2017), cut tax revenue by some $140 billion a year. Few national benefits have been realized. So, the federal deficit, which at the peak of recovery from the Great Recession (2012) hit $1,081 billion, fell to a modern low of $438 billion in 2015 (Historical Tables, Table 1.1, Office of Management and Budget) has started an alarming climb and is projected to be $1,091 billion in 2019.

What we need is a government of conservatives who will not only seek efficiency but also expect to raise enough revenue to pay for what the country needs and wants. Impossible?

At the end of the Clinton Administration the U.S was in an economic boom, had a balanced budget, was paying down the debt.

Fred R. van Hartesveldt,

Fort Valley

To the point

A gentleman by the name of Alex Cole made a truly profound statement that is 100% accurate: “Trump spent as much time at Ground Zero as he did in Vietnam.”

Well said, Alex.

Carl Pirkle,


Sins of omission

I read the other day that CNN is losing viewers weekly. Same with three of the four over-the-air networks. Magazines are folding up while many cable companies and newspapers are struggling for survival. Could their wounds be self inflicted because of their dishonesty? Well, many of them have been caught lying and reporting disingenuously. But the worst journalistic crime is omission.

How else to explain that First Lady Melania Trump has not graced the cover of any magazine? How else does one explain the media not mentioning Rush Limbaugh’s efforts to generate over $3 million dollars for charity with a T-shirt costing $27? That’s a lot of shirts to ignore. Do you know Democrats have been trying to raise your payroll tax 20%? Seen any reporting on all the new construction you’re driving by every day? Are you aware the president is working on legislation to force hospitals to display prices for procedures ... before you need them?

How much more is being held back from you?

Media pride in their craft and honor in their reporting have been chucked overboard and their viewership is deserting the sinking ship. It couldn’t happen to more deserving individuals.

Bob Norcott,