Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, July 28, 2019

Trump deserves appreciation of crowds

As I read John Crisp’s column on President Trump’s worrisome crowds, I realized how out of touch, liberal writers and papers like the Macon Telegraph are. The president is a master of crowd energization. President Trump and his Keep America Great message resonate with a majority of Americans, and a significant majority of your readers (see 2016 election results for Middle Georgia).

Yes, the president is provocative, at times unnecessarily combative, but he loves the country that made him fabulously wealthy. Our economy is strong, employment best in decades and America is no longer apologizing to faltering European governments, and third world thugs. Our depleted military is again stronger, our fighter aircraft are flyable again, our soldiers have loaded weapons in dangerous assignments, and for all this we have President Trump and his enthusiastic crowds of God-fearing Americans.

David Middleton,


Kaepernick failed himself

Recently, The Telegraph published a status of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the “witchhunt” being utililzed to keep him out forever.

His “Why is everyone persecuting me for executing my right to stand against repression and making a statement for my brethren?” stance never had a chance, but he just doesn’t get it.

Here’s a comparison of a like-salaried VP ($10 million) of a lucrative firm who has like responsibilities to continue to “live the dream” to keep that position, working toward that corner office with the initials CEO behind his name. Every step he takes is measured to determine that he’s the man the stockholders want to take this company forward. Every word espoused by him is measured. He understands this and makes sacrifices to remain on the current path. To err would remove him from the path, the company and consideration from similarly strategic corporations.

Let’s revisit. The actions taken by the VP show solid thinking, planning and strategy. Kaepernick doesn’t seem to be utilizing his degree from Nevada-Reno, so he makes the talk show circuit espousing racial prejudice. He is worth $20 million, has a “star” endorsement contract with Nike worth approximately $12 million annually, and an undisclosed payout (millions) administered by the NFL.

I guess there wasn’t a class called “Proper Career Planning” or “Comm – When to Keep Your Yap Shut.” It’s evident he didn’t need it – he stole it from us legally because we’re too stupid to tell an everyday crook, “you made your choice – sit on it!”

Larry Kronberg,

Warner Robins

Trump’s unique view of the world

Forty-Five is a perfect example of evolution. He has no special knowledge, he has no great intellect. But he has an ability to refine his actions/speech by what has happened to him before. I would go so far as to say that he doesn’t even know why he says things. He is just being carried by the current that is his former experiences. He really believes he is not a racist. But he also cannot comprehend why something that he said that ingratiates him to his base (positive reinforcement at work here) is not welcomed by everyone else.

James Rumage,


Stop the name calling

There is an old proverb when someone says that you are wrong or a hypocrite or racist, they are only voicing what they are themselves. Before you hate someone you must hate yourself first.

Eugene Robinson is calling President Trump a racist. I have heard others call the president other names. I should know. At one time I was a die-hard racist myself. Then my brother married a woman of a different race. I also learned I had several relatives who were of African decent. Years ago I had a small car accident. The only ones to help me were an elder black man and his wife. It was hard but I changed my life completely. Now I know what is meant by that proverb. The only one I hurt was me. There is no such thing as a black, white, yellow or even green American. We are all just Americans and should be referred to as the same. Drop the name calling and work to make our country even greater.

Brian T. Reid Sr.,


Do immigration the right way

The American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics have both spoken of what most of us already know: Our nation’s treatment of children at the border is abusive. Separating children, especially young ones, from their parents is harmful to them. Some will never recover, and the longer the separation, the more harmful it is.

The president has told us this is the parents’ fault; they should not come here. Mr. Rader’s wild claims on July 21 that Democrats welcome illegal immigrants into the country and Republicans want to protect America must be corrected. No one in his/her right mind wants open borders. The plan in place since Obama’s time involves holding hopeful immigrants at the border until they have been properly evaluated. Those who have been allowed in after successful vetting have been found to commit crimes at a lower rate than native-born U.S. citizens. Also the Center for American Progress provides research indicating that separating children is not effective as a deterrent.

How bad would your life have to be for you to leave home with your child and walk north? How long will we let children suffer and die in our name? We can do this right.

Roby M. Kerr,