Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, July 14, 2019

I caused the food of ‘94

My tractor business had been hurt by year after year of drought. When it’s hot and dry, tractor sales slow down!

So, I decided to go into the irrigation business. As I researched the irrigation business, something called Alberto crossed the Florida panhandle, and settled over Georgia.

My friends were begging me to stop the new business venture before Middle Georgia joined the Lost City of Atlantis.

So, I want to apologize to the people of Middle Georgia for the flood.

Who knows, maybe my wife is right. I must be kin to Charlie Brown!

Gary C. Brown,

Fort Valley,

End the horrible detentions

Something must be done about the concentration camps currently in operation. The conditions are inhumane, and are crimes against humanity itself. It is not illegal to seek asylum in this country. These are children, for crying out loud! It needs to stop now. I demand our representatives do their jobs and do something to stop this now. They can either fix it or be looking for another job, because clearly if they allow this to go on they do not deserve to represent us. This is dishonorable and cowardly.

Jessica Kraus,


Trees can save us

For 30 years or more I have been telling people about the beauty of trees. Seventy years ago, I moved from Chicago back to my home in Jones County. I wanted to be a farmer like my grandfathers were. I spent two years at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton. Uncle Sam needed me more. The next two years I spent in an Army uniform. Still I learned much. Biology was part of the curricula. All plant life needs carbon to live. Trees are the greatest user of carbon. In return they give life-giving oxygen.

Thank you, Mr. Seth Borenstein You have said what I have said a thousand times. Trees can solve the air pollution problem. The number of trees is in question.

When I started to farm there were at least two dozen farms in or around Wayside. Now you may see one or two open fields where hay is harvested. The county is covered with forest. Take a look at those trees. Each year they seem to get greener and greener. Trees have added more leaves because there is a greater supply of carbon. Trees are the only green law that we should follow. Climate change will only be a liberal catch phrase.

Brian T. Reid Sr.,


Let’s get better leaders

According to all of the facts surrounding our current members that represents us all, they have failed at every turn to do little more than line their pockets. Our taxes are to high based on our services! The sheer size of most of the departments is not logical. Although some need upward adjustments in head count (sheriff’s office), by eliminating fat elsewhere or even closing overlapping services we can save money.

Our best alternative is to remove all of those who continue to over-tax and fail in structuring all departments to be worthy their funding. I realize there are better individuals out there to downsize and revitalize Bibb County! Most of the current members had years to end any corruptions or make Bibb County stable financially! Just because they might have degrees does not make them viable for the future growth of our county, which is losing population due to their ineptness.

Vote out the majority of the “old tired and nonproductive” for a far better Bibb County!

Joe Hubbard,