Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, July 7, 2019

Old prejudice that lingers

It is time to point out an absurdity in our community. Two pieces in the Telegraph — one by Ms. Tanner on the June 23 and one by Mr. Erickson on June 30 — were aimed at instructing us on moral issues. Both seem ill-prepared to take on that challenge. They presented age-old prejudices as moral standards. They claim that gays are sinful. Erickson covered his tracks by condescending. For him, Christians can do good things for needy people in the community but stop short of celebrating gay pride or baking them a wedding cake. Tanner went full-bore, stating that she does not approve of gays, lesbians, same-sex marriages, sex changes and abortions “for they live an immoral lifestyle.”

Informed people in the 21st century recognize that gayness is not a choice. Young people recognize fairly early whether they are gay or straight. Think back; it was not like selecting a career or a car. The only decision gays make has been whether to reveal their gayness in a hostile world. God has made a percentage of human beings gay, and it is not believable that any real god would declare his creation sinful. We humans tend to fear difference. That’s how skin color and gayness came to be judged.

Roby M. Kerr,


Democrats reveal their true selves

Twenty Democrat candidates for president gathered in Miami to introduce themselves to the American people. For four hours over two nights we heard promises that revealed their underlying foundation of belief about America and the American people.

There were no significant differences in their philosophies and views of governing in America. There were significant differences between the overall philosophies that we heard during those four hours and philosophies that we did not hear.

What we heard from each of the 20 candidates was a constant stream of victimization, class envy, despair, dependence, divisiveness and denial of individual responsibility. In short, the socialistic theme of the Democrats was “In government we trust.”

What we never heard were the uniquely American themes of aspiration, freedom, patriotism, liberty, faith, family, prosperity and acceptance of personal responsibility. The theme of “In God We Trust” was as absent as light in the depths of Carlsbad Caverns.

The candidates promised no deportation for those entering the U.S. illegally and, as icing on the cake, free health care. They also wanted to cancel student loans and give free college. With all of these goodies , there was not a single mention of the growing national debt and fiscal responsibility.

In 2020, the American people will have a clear choice between the socialist agenda of the Democrats and the American dream agenda of the Republicans. Choose wisely.

Don Cole,


Not a good kind of parade

If I want to see tanks, I’ll go to Tiananmen Square. If I want to see soldiers spending their holiday marching en masse to make their leader feel powerful, I can go to Red Square, Pyongyang or any other dictator-run country. Tell me, is this what America has become? A country that feels the need to show our power through theatrics? And I have got to say this: What in the heck is this “VIP” section? Can I go? I am a 20 year veteran of our armed forces. I have an idea though: maybe we could call this the “Small Parade” in honor of our rather small-minded president. Or maybe the parade could be only a horse-drawn caisson with a casket covered with our flag. That might put this into perspective for everyone.

James Rumage,