Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, June 23, 2019

What judges can do to help fight crime

This past week, we had several “entering auto” incidents in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, this has become a common occurrence in Macon. We have also had home invasions during the day and the night throughout our city.

Many have blamed this on the shortage of deputies at our sheriff’s department. So, is this the only reason we have an unacceptable amount of crime in our community? While an understaffed sheriff’s department is a part of the reason, I believe it is much more than that.

In my view, other contributing factors are the weak sentences for those who commit multiple felonies. Too many times, the convicted criminal receives a slap on the wrist. Too many times, we seem to coddle criminals.

Local law enforcement tells us that most of our crimes are committed by the same folks over and over again. So, this raises the question: Why do we allow those who have been convicted of multiple felonies to return to our city?

Over 700 times, judges in Houston County have used their authority to banish those who have committed multiple felonies from Houston County and contiguous counties. In Middle Georgia, when banishment is imposed, it most commonly restricts an offender from returning to the county where the crime occurred, or that county and its contiguous counties

Banishment is used to disrupt a crime network or to protect a victim from the offender. Banishment could be used to remove repeat felons from our city. Let’s encourage our local judges to use this effective tool.

Mallory C. Jones III

Macon-Bibb commissioner, District 4

Service really does count

I read Erick Erickson’s editorial about customer service this morning and I actually agree with him this time. I prefer going to Ace hardware because there’s always someone there to help you. One thing I learned is that the coffee shop at Northway church is open to the public. I will certainly pass along this information. Thanks Erick!

Becky Gorman,


Is it just a money grab?

With 20 candidates running to be the Democratic nominee, that means each are eligible to get matching funds from our taxes if they get $5,000 from 20 states or $100,000 to start getting matching funds. If you just meet those small requirements, you stand to make a fortune with few strings to control its use. If ever there was a government boondoggle, this is it! Remember only one can win the nomination.

So Americans have an extreme probability of making 19 very wealthy people. Most of those running do not have snowball chance in hell of winning. The fact is, this is better than any device I know of getting to fabricate hundreds of certified expenditures. Easily 50 million dollars. So if this is the truth, why is it allowed?

Joe Hubbard,


Choosing acceptance

Bill Ferguson’s opinion column “Firing of transgender Byron fire chief raises perplexing problem” makes me think of political correctness, affirmative action and the people who judge President Trump on who he is rather than his job performance, for which we pay him to do. Of course, Mr. Ferguson was speaking of the transgender who claimed got he/she fired as Byron fire chief. Personally, I do not approve of gays, lesbians, same sex marriages, sex changes, abortions, and/or adultery for they live an immoral sinful life style. Therefore, I can only accept people as people based on their character regardless of slavery, race, or any of the above mentioned self-proclaimed life’s traits.

I am sure, by now, all employers know to keep personnel job performances on all employees.

Faye W. Tanner,