Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, May 19, 2019

Going backward on foreign policy

If we review recent foreign policy, it’s not a good picture. Trump continues to be at odds with our traditional friends in the world while expressing trust and affection for several of our worst enemies, especially Putin and Kim. Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on climate change was another terrible judgment.

When Trump came into office, a series of inspections had revealed that Iran had been holding to their contract not to develop nuclear weapons. So Trump did away with that agreement and began to apply sanctions against Iran. This approach smacks of John Bolton’s familiar warlike style along with Trump’s penchant for bullying. Now the situation has escalated to a possible armed confrontation which would cost the U.S. billions even if no one dies. It pleases Israel and Saudi Arabia since they would like us to destroy Iran. I’m sure the Trump/Bolton plan will be justified, even praised, but it simply represents another backward step.

Roby M. Kerr,


Unbecoming behavior

I’m sorry Stacey Abrams feels the way she does. There was nothing wrong with the election system. She lost fair and square. Brain Kemp won fair and square. There’s no need for her to keep on acting like she does.

Bobby Adams,


Abortion law isn’t pro-life

Let’s talk about the difference between pro-life and pro-birth.

Safe, legal and compassionate abortion care is pro-life. It is pro-recognizing women as moral agents of their lives and the lives they care for and bring into the world. It is pro-compassion for women who are faced with competing commitments and who sometimes make the difficult, moral and faithful choice to end a pregnancy.

The heartbeat abortion ban is not pro-life. At its most it is pro-birth. If we actually cared about life (and not just birth), we would not be wasting precious time and money on this bill but would be instead finding ways to reduce the outrageously high infant and maternal mortality rates among black women and newborns. We would be actively working against bias in our schools that are leading to a new preschool to prison pipeline for black children. We would be advocating for adequate paid maternity leave, increasing food security in Macon and elsewhere and making sure rural mothers have access to the birthing care they need.

I don’t always believe freedom of choice is the best solution. I’m for gun control and carbon emissions limits. But pregnancy is not at the same level as managing gun licenses and pollution quotas. It is about people’s intimate, sovereign and moral lives. We are all created in the image of God, a God who is discerning, compassionate and moral. The ban on abortions is an affront to our moral, discerning selves and to God.

The Rev. Cassandra Howe,


What will they do next?

Does Rashida Tlaib not know as of 2018 there were 6,925,475 Jews living in the U.S.? Does she not know that in November midterm election 75% of them voted for Democrats? I am sure the Republicans appreciate all the help they can get in the 2020, however, not at the expense of a female leader of our country making such unethical, bias and immoral statements against Jews. I’m not surprised at Tlaib who referred to the president of the United States using such a vulgar word, however, I was really surprise there was no reaction from Nancy Pelosi. I guess nothing or no member of her party stoops low enough in politics to phase her.

Faye W. Tanner,